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  1. El Pablo

    Check out this Lemon!

    Holy smokes, I can't believe I never heard this Zep cover before. I bet it was a blast to record.
  2. El Pablo

    In the middle of nowhere, i just met the Godfather of Punk!!!!!

    So I'm at a local pizzaria with my wife and younger boy in SMALL-TOWN IOWA, and in walks a guy who makes my jaw drop. To the floor!!!! I literally froze and whispered to my wife "hey,,,, i saw that guy when I waz 16. He's as big as it gets in punk rock. I've gotta shake his hand!" I walked...
  3. El Pablo

    Riversea - The Tide (for fans of Floyd, Beck and Porcupine Tree)

    I just stumbled on this album today. Very soothing and atmospheric. The instruments and songwriting remind me of little Division Bell-era Pink Floyd. I hope you enjoy. Mike
  4. El Pablo

    Eric Clapton - I hope this is not true... I have huge respect for the man and his contributions. I wish him nothing but the best. He's lived a life of fame, mixed with hardships. Most of all, he deserves the opportunity to live out the rest of his life...
  5. El Pablo

    Joe Satriani - New 2017 CD "What Happens Next"!!

    Above all, two radio events triggered my interest in guitar: The first time I heard Eruption, and The first time I heard Satch Boogie. In both cases, I was transfixed and utterly inspired. In the years since, the inspiration has never subsided. Well Ole' Joe has a new album coming out -...
  6. El Pablo

    NAD - Splawn in the House!

    While I did LOVE my EVH 5150iii 50 watt 212 combo, my back decided that I couldn't be loading/unloading that heavy bastard on a regular basis. So, I went back to my local "home away from home" (Pro Music Des Moines) and I found a solid solution. Enter the Splawn SuperSport 22 Watt 6v6 Nitro...
  7. El Pablo

    Headrush Floorboard??

    Anyone here have any experience with these? The easy interface looks like a big step forward for dummies like me. I just can't find much in the way of buyer experience and reviews. I never fully trust magazine articles an gear demos. Thanks!
  8. El Pablo

    NAD 5150iii 212 Combo - Clean Channel Surprise!

    I've enjoyed this beast for a month now. Let me just get one thing out of the way. I started playing around 1980. I'm not a pro-musician, but more of a seasoned hobbyist. Since around 1987, I've steadily played in gigging bands ranging from Country to Hard Rock. The tones this amp delivers...
  9. El Pablo

    Played PRS Sonzera 50 Head today

    First impressions: Clean Channel - Wow, this really suprised me. It was quite nice. This sounded better than its price point. Reverb - another pleasant suprise. It's not overbearing or too splashy. Good warmth vs brassy texture. OD Channel - sounds much better in person than in a...
  10. El Pablo

    Pass around your homeade...

    I don't know if the links below will work. These are a couple of I-phone recordings of my dumb-ass trying to be cool on the guitar. Many mistakes are made and I know this is your prime opportunity to say I'm a nerd and suck. :wave::cheers: I had fun though and this all original! In return...
  11. El Pablo

    Boston 2016 Tour

    Saw these guys last week in Des Moines. Summary: - Guitar Sound. Massive. Was very authentic to original recordings. Was great to hear that illusive tone so perfectly replicated. - Vocals. (Brad Delp RIP). Their new guy sounded incredible. Close your eyes and Brad was on-stage. No...
  12. El Pablo

    Denmark School Project

    A random kid school project photo came across my LinkedIn page today. Looks fun. Anyone know these two fellas? I'm passing it along.
  13. El Pablo

    Help - ENGL Ritchie Blackmore vs my H&K GM36

    I can trade my Hughes and Kettner 36 Grandmeister + $500 for a 100 watt ENGL Ritchie Blackmore. My needs = versatility without sacrifice of quality. I play in two rock cover bands (60s - current), and write/perform solo instrumentals with clean, soft overdrive tones. My H&K is a plug...
  14. El Pablo

    NGD - EVH Content

    It's a 2016 MIM EVH Special. Her name is Valerie. First Impression - Great Neck. The satin finish, nice contour (not super thin like some shredders) and medium-jumbo frets (standard on this MIM model). Like the EBMMs, they also put the truss-rod adjustment in a convenient place...
  15. El Pablo

    New Whitesnake - The Purple Album (2015)

    ROCK IS NOT DEAD!!!!! :dude: Just saying. I'm really impressed.:applause:
  16. El Pablo

    Eric Steckel - Empty Promises Powerful stuff. I just found out a out this guy and am impressed.
  17. El Pablo

    Not so well-known solos everyone should hear?

    Not everyone listens to the same music, so we can all contribute and benefit from each other's perspectives. For songs that are not familiar to the masses (i.e., Sweet Child if Mine), what would you recommend for great tone, phrasing, technique in guitar soloing? Here is one that really...
  18. El Pablo

    Custom Head Cabinet - Argh Matey!

    My two young boys helped me with this home-built cab. We wanted it to resemble planks from an old pirate's ship. We used Cedar 1 x 6 boards, mahogany stain and a clear coat. I put 3 coats of stain and then starting sanding for a weathered look. After adding the clear-coat, we went back...
  19. El Pablo

    Building a 2x15 open back speaker cab. Advise on dimensions?

    I want to build an open back cab for two 15" speakers. I'd appreciate any recommendations on the following: 1 - Critical cab dimensions: H x W x D? With open back, does the depth really matter? 2 - Best plywood. Birch? Pine? 3 - Speaker under $120/each? My music tastes are very broad...
  20. El Pablo

    Belated NDD - New Dog Day

    She came as a Father's Day Present. It's my first full-blooded Old English Bulldog. Her big-brother is a 2 year old Boxer/Old English Bulldog mix. She is 9 weeks old and has been with us for about 5 days. She already rules our big dog around (he's 75 lbs). :D Even though we are going...

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