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  1. Jarvis

    Ngd natural custom

    Ngd for me. Always fancied a natural. Plays great and is very heavy compared to my others.
  2. Jarvis

    Absent on spelling day

    110978072567 eBay item. They must have been off sick the day they did spelling at school. Guitar is pile of shit too.
  3. Jarvis

    NGD (on Thursday)

    Well I had a bad gas for one if those new 50th anniversary reissue E212T sheratons in cherry so bought one today. Should be here Thursday. Can't wait and as always loads of pics of this one to follow. Only one video on you tube to keep me going till then
  4. Jarvis

    My LP on ebay

    Hi folks don't post on Amy other forums so thought I would stick this on here. I have one of my 89 les Paul's on eBay 160895521012 I have the black custom one and I have just aquired an old squire strat in David Gilmour colours.
  5. Jarvis

    NGD (tommorrow actually)

    Well after having an eBay alert on my iPhone for nearly a year I was alerted to this last week 180961563716 I emailed the seller an offer which he accepted. Got a good deal considering it has a hard case and an SD pickup. He doesn't know what SD it is but I'm thinking JB as the 59' never had...
  6. Jarvis

    NGD girlies ?

    What's with all the wank NGD pics now ? Surely the PC brigade haven't got to this site too ?
  7. Jarvis


    Well I finally bought another valve amp after selling my last one due to fatherhood. I picked up a sweet second hand Laney VC15 tube amp and I must say it's a cracking amp. Picks to follow.
  8. Jarvis


    Any of you lads use one ? What's the sound like. Reason I ask is I am awaiting delivery of a Laney VC and there is a guy on eBay making a sound box. Basically an attenuator. So I was thinking of purchasing one to play my amp driven at low volumes.
  9. Jarvis

    Korean Dot Deluxe serial ?

    Hi guys seen a Dot Deluxe in a flamed cherry. Has a Korean serial supposedly ? 311391316 ? Has made in korea sticker. Gold grovers. Gibson plate. Looks the real deal. Is this a real serial ?
  10. Jarvis

    New member

    Hi folks just to say hi. I've been a watcher for many years and had a few Les Pauls over the years. Recently had our first baby so sold all my gear. Worst mistake I ever made. Today i purchased a very tidy 89 Korean les Paul in heritage cherry flame top. It has good serial sticker and is aging...

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