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  1. cynic79

    NPD - Hao Rust Driver

    Still feeling this one out, but I like it so far. I've primarily been using a Les Lius clone for my cleanish and overdriven tones, and switching between a few different pedals for a more heavily distorted sound. First impression is that it doesn't have a ton of output on tap. It will...
  2. cynic79

    NPD - Idiotbox Effects Dimension X delay

    I've got a couple of delay pedals (Danelectro Dan Echo and a Marshall Echohead), but I may have an ambient gig coming up, and I wanted something a little...weirder. I considered getting a Malekko, but Idiotbox crossed my radar a few weeks back, and the Dimension X was too cool to pass up...
  3. cynic79

    NPD - Ditto Looper

    Sold a few pedals, and I decided to put the funds towards a new toy. I've wanted a looper for a while, and the Ditto has all the features I'll ever need, so I snagged one last night. It's fun, and very easy to use (and tiny!). I did a few loops of 5-7 layers each, and it was a good exercise...
  4. cynic79

    New turntable day

    I visited an old friend in Boston this summer, and his wife had just bought him a cheap record player. We hit a couple of record stores while I was up there, and I was bitten by the vinyl bug. The same friend sent me Jack White's latest album on "ultra vinyl" in thanks for visiting, so I...
  5. cynic79

    NGD - Fender Baja Telecaster in Vegas Gold

    I just wrote up a long review and then accidentally closed the tab without saving. I don't feel like re-writing everything, so I'll keep this short. These are making the rounds at Guitar Center right now, along with a 60's Stratocaster in the same finish. I've wanted to try a Baja Tele for...
  6. cynic79

    NGD - Squier Bass VI

    So, I've been jonesing for a Bass VI for years, and when the Squier version was launched, I had to get one. It finally came on Friday. I'm quite pleased with it. The setup was decent out of the box, although the low E needs some work (it frets out above the 12th fret and the intonation...
  7. cynic79

    Took stock of all my OD/Distortion/Fuzz pedals

    Dunlop JH-F2 Fuzz Face Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Boss OD-2 Turbo Overdrive MHP 72 Degrees BBE Free Fuzz BBE American Metal Vick Audio Fuzz Box Vick Audio Lucky 13 Way Huge Fat Sandwich Joyo Sweet Baby Overdrive Joyo Ultimate Drive DOD Grunge DOD Flashback Fuzz MXR Blue Box MXR Classic...
  8. cynic79

    Well, I'm sold (Craigslist content)

    With an ad like this, how could you say no? Terrible sounding Line 6 Flextone HD with 4x12 Line 6 cab
  9. cynic79

    FS/FT: Ibanez Iceman IC400

    This a Korean-made Ibanez Iceman model IC400. Electronics and hardware are stock. There are a few scratches and a couple of dings on the body, but it is otherwise in good condition. Weighs just under 7lbs. I can provide further pictures upon request. I am asking $400 shipped w/ gig bag (a...
  10. cynic79

    New baby, but some complications

    My second son, Adam, was born just a little over two weeks ago. He was six weeks premature. The little guy was doing fine, but his mother was suffering from severe pre-eclampsia, and the doctor's opted to induce when her liver and kidneys started failing. Labor and delivery were relatively...
  11. cynic79

    NPD: Akai Tri-Mode Fuzz

    Got this from Musician's Friend Akai Stupid-Deal-of-the-Day-palooza last week. Just put it through its paces, and it's not bad. This is supposed to mimic a couple of different fuzz pedals (Fuzz Face and Big Muff), but the results are mixed. I own a couple of Fuzz Faces, and this doesn't sound...
  12. cynic79

    NGD - Squier Stratocaster MIJ

    Walked into Guitar Center today planning to check out bass cabs. This followed me home instead. From what I can tell, it was built in 1986 (serial number is E6xxxxx). I think everything is stock, but I haven't popped off the pickguard. The neck feels fantastic, somewhere around a...
  13. cynic79

    Anyone familiar with Phonic PA equipment?

    I'm considering picking up one of their smaller PA packages for home use. I'm going to be hosting some band practices at my house, and I need to amplify a keyboard, electric drums, and two vocal mics. We don't get very loud (the electric drums really keep the levels down), so I don't need a...
  14. cynic79

    FS: Peavey 1x15 bass cabinet - $75, local pickup only

    I'm not getting much interest locally, so I thought I would post this here. This is a Peavey 1x15" bass cabinet, 4 ohm. It's got some wear, and the faceplate is long gone, but it's solid and sounds great. I've had this for a long time, and I'm only selling it because it's getting to the point...
  15. cynic79

    Iceman + Bigsby = Blasphemy?

    I've had this Ibanez Iceman for a little while now, and despite the fact that it's a great player, I've never really bonded with the guitar's tone. The AH pickups have a very unique sound, especially the bridge pickup. Attenuated mids, clear but not shrill highs, and an enormous low...
  16. cynic79

    I had a dream last night (guitar content)

    I was in some big box store with my wife and son (think Wal-Mart or Best Buy), and while perusing the appliance section we happened to come upon several aisles of guitars. I tried a few and was mostly unimpressed. I then came upon what looked to be a natural finish Gibson ES-335. I picked...
  17. cynic79

    New Drums Day!

    Got this from UPS today and took a break from working to set them up (yeah, I know I put the front bass drum head on the wrong way). Pretty neat, huh? No, no, they're not for me. They're for this guy. Early Happy Easter little buddy.
  18. cynic79

    PRS SE amps: Anyone tried them?

    I remember there being quite a bit of buzz when these were first announced, but it seemed to taper off after the initial demo videos were released. They were...underwhelming, to say the least. I've seen plenty of ads for them since, but I can't find any reviews from actual users. Has anyone...
  19. cynic79

    If you could do it all again?

    My wife and I are putting together a down payment on a house, and there is a serious possibility that some or all of my guitars may end up on the chopping block if the perfect home comes around sooner rather than later. They would eventually be replaced, but it would be an easy way to put...
  20. cynic79

    Guilty pleasure guitar gear

    While I was flipping through a guitar magazine this morning, I came upon a few of the Dean Dimebag Darrell sig guitars. While I certainly have a soft spot for unusually shaped guitars, these sort of pointy heavy metal guitars are generally verboten in my arsenal; it's hard to be taken seriously...

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