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  1. switchback

    Any love for the Hagstrom guitars ?

    Hi guys I am thinking about buying a Hagstrom Deuce F any opinons on this brand ? Any feedback would help ! This be the one:
  2. switchback

    Any love for the Epi ES 339 pro ?

    Hey guys, I am contemplating buying a ES 339 pro, anybody own one and would you mind giving me your feedback. I'm changing from being a cork sniffer (admitting it is half the battle) and want to give it a try. I am hoping to have my confidence built. I am not looking for a bash Gibson contest...
  3. switchback

    FS: NIB AMT SS-11A guitar tube preamp

    Hi, guys I have a new AMT SS-11A all tube guitar preamp for sale. You can see great video's of this on youtube. It is new in the box with the manual, adapter and of course the pedal. I am selling it for less because the box was opened to look at the pedal, it is NEW. I am asking 325.00 and...
  4. switchback

    FS: Fender American Special Strat/w extras

    For sale is my Fender American Special strat, it is in pristine condition and comes with original deluxe gig bag with case candy ( strap, manual, trem bar, allen wrenches and tags) comes with Whirlwind acoustasonic guitar cable, original black pickguard (few scratches on it) Dunlop 1.5 mm picks...
  5. switchback

    Tube Rectifier Amps

    Hi guys, can anyone suggest some amps with Tube Rectifiers :hmm: i.e Vox ac15 handwired or some amp close to those specs meaning size, watts, etc. Thanks :D
  6. switchback

    What is your opinion on the George lynch screamin demon PUP

    Hey, I am considering getting a George Lynch Screamin Demon pickup, any feedback before I pull the trigger, its going in a Fender American Special Stratocaster HSS through Fender Blues Jr. If you have love for it, why ? if not why ? Thank you for the input :thumb:
  7. switchback

    Lovepedal Amp 50 & lovepedal Echo baby

    I am having a PAS attack and I NEED a Amp 50 and Echo Baby, I could pay online and get my fix or ....someone could help a brother out if they have any sittin around :thumb:
  8. switchback

    WTB: Lovepedal Amp 50 & Lovepedal Echo Baby

    Hi guys, looking to buy a Lovepedal Amp 50 and a Lovepedal Echo Baby. Anybody have one please PM me. I have great feedback here and Ebay. I am PAS'ing and NEED my fix...... so please help a brother out :D
  9. switchback

    New purchase : RedWitch Grace Compressor

    Hey PAS'er family got to give props to Hector Arcadius for the nudge to check out the RedWitch Seven Sisters line of Pedals. Just bought a Grace Compressor :dude: I will post review and pics soon, I will have the weekend to I mean get to know her :wow: Thanks again Hector !! :thumb:
  10. switchback

    I need help !

    I have been searching for a mini sized compressor pedal and the only one I have found is the Malekko Omnicron. Does anyone know of another and does anyone have experience with the Malekko......... HELP, I'm going to PAS to death :wow: thanks ..... really i'm really...
  11. switchback

    FS: *MINT* Lovepedal Les Lius, ProCo You Dirty Rat, Visual Sound Axle Grease Delay

    Lovepedal Les Lius (original circuit and gold paint): $130.00 ProCo You Dirty Rat: $75.00 Visual sound Axle Grease Delay: $45.00 Please use paypal (gift option), free shipping CONUS, There is no velcro and they come with original box and paper if applicable. Pics will follow soon, a stock...
  12. switchback

    Vox AC tone

    Hey, I need some feedback regarding getting a great Vox ac tone from a pedal. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am playing through a Fender Blues Jr and my axe in this case would be a Fender American Special strat HSS. Thanks, you guys ...... ROCK !
  13. switchback

    I want to buy MXR Custom Comp

    Anyone selling a MXR Custom Comp, I am looking to buy :)
  14. switchback

    Pedal Acquisition Syndrome PAS group

    Hi my name is Quinn (switchback) and it has been 3 days since my last pedal purchase :wow: I wanted to start a thread co-founded with Gibsonguitar1988 for us who through deranged rationalization go into a spending frenzy and will no doubt buy the latest pedal instead of paying the bills or...
  15. switchback

    Do you want Lovepedal Les Lius ?

    Hey guys PGS (proguitarshop) is selling the les lius for $119.00 with the coupon code "lius" So I thought I would share the "love" no pun intended :shock: Any way if your looking for an awesome pedal these are goin cheap :naughty:
  16. switchback

    WTB: Lovepedal Les Lius

    HI guys I am looking for a Lovepedal Les Lius anyone have one for sale ? :fingersx: I have a paypal account and excellent feedback. PM me please if you have and want to let go !
  17. switchback

    I Want to buy Lovepedal Echo baby, Amp 50

    Hi, I am looking to buy a Lovepedal, Echo Baby or Amp 50 if anyone wants to sell :fingersx: I have paypal and A+ Feedback on Ebay and here. Thanks :thumb:
  18. switchback

    Want to Trade

    I have a NIB VooDoo Lab Superfuzz and want to trade for a Pro Co "You Dirty Rat" ...... any takers ? Please respond or PM me :naughty: Thanks, Switch
  19. switchback

    Want to Trade

    Hi, I have a NIB Joe meek floor q compressor demo pedal, I am lookng to trade for an Ibanez ts808 tubescreamer and a MXR dyna comp script logo reissue. If your interested pm me or respond here. The Joe meek sells @ $250.00 Thanks :)
  20. switchback

    Eminence Black Mountain speakers ???

    Hey has anyone tried the eminence black mountain speaker ? I am thinking of putting one in my Blues jr. Any reviews would be greatly appreciated !

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