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    Nitro cellulose blooming, whiteing, clouding...HELP!!!!! lol

    I bought some fresh nitro supplies to finish (and refinish) my LP Studio which has a thread somewhere around here. First off, just to set the scene, Im a semi pro motorcycle painter. I think with bike paint Im pretty good. If I say so myself. :rofl: Ive done spray painting on and off for years...
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    Les Paul Studio refinish.

    I started this refinish ages ago, it must be a couple of year's back, so for one reason or another yesterday I thought Id pull it out of hiding and do a bit more. What really happened is that I had seen a s/h LP for sale locally and due to my hesitation in making the call somebody beat me to it...
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    If only Gibson were a family business...

    I was at a local guitar show last weekend and spotted a lovely Gordon Smith LP style (carved top, single pup, wrap over junior bridge) and was knocked out by the quality. Sadly I didnt have a camera with me so I could not get any picture's. Ive been looking on line to try to find out more and...
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    Ive just spotted a Midtown semi?

    Ive just spotted a Gibson Midtown semi elsewhere on here,but I have not seen one in real life. Can anybody tell me please,is the body size the same as a 335 or is it closer to the smaller 339???? I could really fancy one as Ive noticed a european dealer is selling them for under £650!!!! :)
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    Gibson Les Paul Studio Plus refinish.

    I was having difficulty the other day with uploading pic's,so I'll try again before going into detail's of my plan's!:) [/URL][/IMG]
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    NGD LP Studio Plus

    I had been keeping an eye out for a guitar to use as a project for a bit of refinishing practise after seeing so many nice examples on here in the custom shop of luthier section. So bit the bullet after seeing a Gibson LP Studio plus come up for sale locally at a great price. The local ad showed...
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    Veneer and binding question for LP refinish?

    Hmm..I had thought about the trying the routing process to add binding to a LP Studio along with adding a flamed veneer top. Ive decide the routing (for binding) is way outside my skill set,so Im looking at an alternative. I have a tatty neglected looking late 70's early 80's (?)LP standard...
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    £149.000 Les Paul spotted at a guitar show. UK

    I had the pleasure of visiting a guitar show in the north east of the UK today and spotted a Gibson LP std (58 I think?)for sale for £149.000. The stand it was on had a Music Ground sign on it. I did think that if we sold the house and bought a tent to live in,I could have bought it. :)
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    Relic replica thing.

    Relic relica thing. lol. New. This lasted a day or so.
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    Which black filler to use for inlay?

    Hi all,Ive had a bit of a search around the site,to see if I can work out which filler/epoxy (?)to use to fill a new headstock inlay? Ive searched the UK auction site (Im UK based),and spotted some black filler,but Im not sure what to buy? Any help gratefully accepted. Ideally Id like to be...
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    Meas Boogie fraudster UK!!!!!

    Im going to mention this in case anybody else gets their fingers bitten by this low life. Recently an ad appeared on Gumtree for a Mesa Nomad100 combo,which even though miles away,i liked the look of. So,emails were exchanged,details exchanged,and a payment into the "sellers" bank account made...

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