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  1. Silverfox

    Ace Amplification Colt

    This thread is for the general discussion of the amplifiers Ace Amplification Colt. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. Silverfox

    2012 LP R9 with white serial !?? Please help :)

    Hi guys, I wanted to buy (rather maybe a trade vs my LP Custom BB5) this R9, but I have some doubts ... Nice flametop, correct weight (8lbs), one piece fretboard (.according to the seller ) .. But... What happened to the serial ? Stamped in white !?? I never seen that before. What do you...
  3. Silverfox

    HNGD !!! 2018 R9 Honey Lemon fade VOS

    Hi guys, Well, not really a new guitar day cuz I brought that beauty last March ;) Very resonant guitar, weighs 8 lbs 3 ounces, I'm happy !!! Hope you like her :fingersx: Cheers !
  4. Silverfox

    True Historic COA question ?

    Hi everyone, Could you please tell me why some True Historic Les Paul have different COA presentation ??? :hmm: (Both are 2015 TH 54 LP with TH backplate cover). Kind of deluxe gold booklet COA for this one : Regular Custom Shop booklet for this one : Thanks by advance for your replies :)
  5. Silverfox

    OGD: 2010 B5 LP Custom Exclusives

    Hi everyone, Not really a NGD 'cuz I picked and purchased this babe in august 2010... Since I had not taken the time to open a presentation thread ... That's done now :thumb: She's one of my favorite LP !:) Lightweight (8.1lbs), resonant and so gorgeous with a very comfortable soft shoulder...
  6. Silverfox

    NGD : 1963 SG Jr !

    Hi everyone, It's a happy new guitar day for me :) A 52 years old lady ! Great shape, very nice rather rounded neck profile (not too flat & thin) and a killer sounding babe ! ****My very 1st vintage Gibson :wave: !!! I'm a happy man ! Wooohoooo ! :D Here's some pics : Sorry, I have...
  7. Silverfox

    WTB : Gibson LP Historic R4 Goltop CR

    Hi there, titles says it ! I'm looking for an Historic Custom Shop 1954 Les Paul Goldtop Chambered /or regular VOS R4 but light weight. I'd really like to purchase an as close to 8.0 lbs and below. Thank you :)
  8. Silverfox

    NGD :Gibson ES-295 Scotty Moore 1952 Signature LTD Bullion Gold !!!

    Hi everyone, Santa made it to my house a little early this year !:) So, here it is !!! I get it finally! Classic Rock’n’roll and Scotty moore fan, I couldn’t resist this golden icon beauty !:) I think I finally found the guitar that will make me stop looking for hollowbodies...
  9. Silverfox

    Wrong section, sorry

    sorry, wrong section
  10. Silverfox

    NGD !!! Gibson 1963 ES-335 TDC 50th Anniversary (2013)

    Hello everyone :wave: After two long months of waiting...It has finally arrived !!! :thumb: Beautiful and very nice instrument ! The neck profile is great, not too small, fairy thin at the nut and tapers beautifully to a more chucky at the 12th fret. Lightweight, raisonnate ... Perfect...
  11. Silverfox

    NGD !!! 2010 LP '59 Iced Tea Burst

    Hi everyone :wave: My first R9, a 2010 Gibson Les Paul Std VOS Iced Tea Bust :thumb: Lightweight : 8.05 lbs, beautiful color, flamed depending on the angle of the ambient light, it is also one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. Finally !!! Here she is :) Great tone ...
  12. Silverfox

    Greetings from Provence, France

    :wave: Hello everyone, Glad to be here :thumb:! I would introduce myself ; My name is Pat, I'm from Aix-en-Provence France, near Cannes. Please would yo like to excuse me for my bad english actually :hippie: I spend my vacations to FL & TN USA often, visiting family and friends there :)...

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