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  1. kakao

    Backing tracks to buy .. ?

    Just looking to buy some backing tracks that I can play over and post on YT. Any online store that has a good range of backing tracks ? Cheers
  2. kakao

    US attack on Syria crosses 'red lines'

    This is getting serious .. :shock:
  3. kakao

    from 0.9 to 0.10 strings

    I just put a new set of 0.10 strings and noticed some buzzing at 12 - 15th frets. I take it the neck now changed the relief?! Do I need to tighten the truss road or release it a bit, to get rid of the buzzing (there was no buzzing with 0.9's)? Thanks in advance guys. :)
  4. kakao

    Thin sounding - low output pups

    Just wondering if this can be fixed. I have a set of single coils in a Strat like guitar. All 3 pups are very quiet (low in Vol) and the sound is thin. A friend of mine has the same guitar and that one sounds fine. From what I read, these got demagnetized somehow. How do I fix this...
  5. kakao

    Gypsy guitar

    Looking for a top notch one, wondering what do you have and what are the opinions on different manufactures and models. Not interested in cheap ones, just something that sounds & plays like this Cheers :)
  6. kakao

    Gibson LP DeLuxe GT, 1972

    Hi everyone, Thinning my herd to make space for even more vintage LP's. This is a 1972 (or 1971) Gold Top in excellent condition, including a hard case. No breaks, repairs, splits or cracks. Original, embossed patent sticker-ed pups. Weight 9.7Lbs (or 4.4Kgs). Recent master luthier re-fret...
  7. kakao

    Thickness of plywood

    Just about to start building my first pedal board, for approx 15 pedals in total + 2 power supplies. I have 2 sheets of plywood laying around, one is 19mm, the other 12mm. Which one to use?
  8. kakao

    Someone done this before ..!?

    I was thinking of routing one of my old Strats and installing SD humbuckers in neck and bridge positions, leaving the single coli in the middle. Anyone with experience in this? :)
  9. kakao

    cavity - refin or original ..?

    Looking at this Norlin sg and the seller claims its all original paint, not refin?!? Looks to me quite opposite. What do you think?
  10. kakao

    eBay feedback is a joke ...

    A seller who received a negative feedback from me few weeks ago is back to 100% feedback (?!??). In the meantime the same seller received 3 more negative feedbacks from other buyers, but is back again to 100%. This tells us a lot - do not trust seller's feedback on eBay, period!! .
  11. kakao

    I never used velcro on my pedals ..

    .. but thinking of making a new pedal board with velcro. What always turns me off is that - once a velcro is on a pedal, the goof is there forever. Is it possible to remove velcro from a pedal, without any traces of velcro being there ... ever? Without any damage to the pedal base, its paint ...
  12. kakao

    Tom Anderson Strat

    Anyone rocking one ...?! Played a 2004 one recently and the geetar was really well built with excellent intonation and play-ability. Did any of you play their Strat and what are the opinions?! :wave:
  13. kakao

    Just wondering ..

    How the big guys connect 4 or more amps on gigs?? :cheers:
  14. kakao

    A very promissing OD double pedal .. Apparently

    Anyone rocking one, as I've read a good reports and wanted to try it .. !?
  15. kakao

    Video/Audio recording Help Needed!

    Guys, just wanted to make a descent video recording for youtube, but wanted to make sure it sounds good .. not like a mic in the middle of the room with the camera on. My question is: how to playback on the already recorded audio material, with (somehow) the recording going straight to the...
  16. kakao

    Classic Tone Output Transformers

    I need an OT for one of my amps and was wondering what is a general opinion on this brand? Anyone using one in their amps and how good they are in replicating the vintage Fender OT's? Cheers! :)
  17. kakao

    Red Snapper Ovedrive

    Anyone rocking one, the original 3 knob one ....? Heard a guitar player using one, and it sounded pretty sweet. :)
  18. kakao

    Minotaur - Velvet Pedals

    :) Guys, any experience with this pedal, any view is much appreciated, cheers! :)
  19. kakao

    Another terorists act, this time in Mali

    Looks like the terrorism is in becoming an everyday happening ... This time in Mali, (former French colony). Very sad, indeed .. Jihadis storm hotel in Mali with guns and grenades taking 170 hostage | World | News | Daily Express
  20. kakao

    Kingsley Jester - WTB

    Kingsley Jester Looking to buy any version, V1 or V2 Please shoot me a message if you have one for sale, thanks. :thumb:

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