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  1. peach64


    Update....I finally got my `54 Jeff Beck Strat fully assembled, I bought a Sophia tremolo bridge, so I handed this to Paul Unkert, he made Eddie Van Halen's Kramer guitars , he's the whammy bar expert. Anyway Jonesy made me a special set of pickups...I just gave them a try out yesterday, WOW...
  2. peach64


    I love his pickups and wiring harnesses....I have the Kalamazoos in my `58 Flying V...I love them His Strat & Tele pickups are phenominal too
  3. peach64

    My Review of the Gibson Murphy Lab (Heavy Aged Les Paul)

    Here is what gets me...Seth Lover designed the PAF for Gibson. All bursts have them, some sound better than others. If this company is trying to make the best Bursts ever made asking for big bucks$$$ why can't they get their act together and get the vintage correct plain enamel made for their...
  4. peach64

    Anybody have any dealings with

    he screwed me a few years scumbag
  5. peach64

    What amp do you recommend for a Les Paul?

    Depending on your budget and ear. You have some things to consider: Modeling vs Tube Favorite Tube: 6L6, 5881, EL34, EL84 Speakers: Celestions, JBL, etc If you have a few grand consider an 18 watt Trainwreck Express (EL34) or Rocket (EL84) They will blow your mind
  6. peach64

    WTB - 59 Replica

    got one coming in a week or so. wiring it up. And will also have a one piece body Korina V, built to Michael Schenker's 1958 Flying V.
  7. peach64

    FS Celestion Speakers

  8. peach64

    FS Celestion Speakers

  9. peach64

    FS Celestion Speakers

    Pair of Celestion Blackback G12M25 55hz 8 Ohm Speakers. Fresh and killer. They don't get any better. 444 Cones JJ 28 -1976 - 444 cones $400 KK17 - 1977 - Recone $100 -Gift Pair Celestion G12H30 55 Hz 16 Ohm 444 cones Excellent $400 Pair Celestion G1250 Alnico Golds 16 Ohm - Incredible $400...
  10. peach64

    Looking for lightweight R9 Brazilian or Murphy-Brazilian

    you know there is a big difference between Philippine vs Honduran Mahogany right? original bursts weighed differently, but general rule of thumb was in the 9 lbs
  11. peach64

    Very best pickups you've ever heard or played.

    I set the record for OTPG PAFs, I also had a set of `63 Pat # w/50's Long bar magnets, low wind, Holmes, Rolph's, Voodoo PAFs, Sheptone Tributes, and Wizz - I love these. But when all is said and done and I had to sell off some of these PAF's, I have to tell it like it is...Stephans Design are...
  12. peach64

    Elineke (formerly ExNihilo) Singlecut Burst Replica Teaburst

    The attention to detail, the craftsmanship, the finish and the wiring and pickups are Top of the line. I'm sure, no, I guarantee if this guitar was playing through a `Wreck or Dumble on Youtube, you'd get double the price. $3300 is a steal. I love and swear by Jonsey's pickups and wiring...
  13. peach64

    EU sellers' thread

    work of Art...magnificent
  14. peach64

    FS: Dave Johnson Single Cut (Hand-Built) 2005, Brazilian

    man that is gorgeous... GLWS
  15. peach64

    WTB: Gibson Historic Flying V Case

    Hello, I was hoping to score a Gibson Historic Trapezoid case for 1958 Flying V, or something suitable to these specs. any and all tips greatly appreciated Thank You, Peach
  16. peach64

    JamCity LP - Lemonburst / Superb luthier-made old wood guitar

    Gibson could never build your guitar...killer price stick to it GLWS
  17. peach64

    Morley Pro Flager $250 - Sold-please delete

    All Original. Good Condition. Works Fine. Sounds Great
  18. peach64

    Manny's Music is No Longer Standing :(

    I studied guitar at the New School For Social Research down in the village back in `85. Jorma taught there after I was a very cool place to learn really cool guitar technique. I already formal theory, reading, transposing and jazz chord melody..but IU needed to learn Chuck & I...
  19. peach64

    Ray Gomez: Guitar Effects on School Days?

    better late than never...thank you bother J

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