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  1. jrkhav

    SOLD: OX4 Pickups Beano Set (Never Installed) $250

    I have a set of OX4 Beanos here, this is an aged set, A3 magnets. This was an extra set I ordered and never installed, kept it untouched with all the original packaging included. Trying to move these to grab a pedal I've been wanting for some time now. Neck reads 7.5 ohms, bridge 8.2 ohms...
  2. jrkhav

    2011 Black Beauty 3-PU '60 Reissue

    Hey all, I was looking at some triple pickup '60 reissue black beauties today, when I somehow came across this sold listing on Reverb: I was really intrigued by...
  3. jrkhav

    1999 R7 Black Beauty Neck Profile

    Hey all, I've been in contact with a guy who has a 1999 R7 Black Beauty he's considering trading me for my R0 and some cash; he's a bit too far off for me to go just to test it out, if I make the drive it's going to have to be more or less a sure thing. I've only had a chance to play an R7 in...
  4. jrkhav

    Burst Fading 2017-Onwards

    Hey all; recently had the chance to trade up for a 2018 R0 in vintage cherryburst, and a buddy of mine is looking at a '17 R9, also a cherryburst. I was curious about your experiences with these years/models of LPs, have you noticed the reds fading out at all? Anyone who has had the guitars...
  5. jrkhav

    Selling/Buying Advice + Avoiding Scams

    Hey all, I recently have been hunting for one of the G0 line of '60 reissue LPs, and was contacted about it by a new member with no post history. Possible red flag but I figured I'd at least see what happens. Said member referred me to a guy that has a G0 and would sell it. The guy I was...
  6. jrkhav

    (SOLD) 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 60's Iced Tea Burst - $2,000

    Hey all, Recently picked up a 60's Standard USA Iced Tea Burst, and just not getting on well with the slim neck; lately I've taken to the thicker 50's necks and I'm not a fan of this neck profile. The guitar is in great condition; just some light swirling on the back and a tiny nick on the...
  7. jrkhav

    WTB: G0 Guitar Center Custom Shop '60 Reissue Les Paul

    I've been on the hunt for one of the G0 Custom Shop '60 Reissues. Apparently they were a limited run for Guitar Center only. Let me know if you've got one you're looking to sell! Edit: Should've included this initially but I'm most interested in the honeyburst or lemonburst finishes, not really...
  8. jrkhav

    WTB: Gibson LP Standard 60's Lemonburst

    I believe this was a Sweetwater exclusive run and missed out on them when they first came out. Anyone have one they are willing to part with?
  9. jrkhav

    2002 Les Paul Standard Mahogany 3 Pickup Authentication

    Hi all, I had picked up a 2002 LP Standard Mahogany 3 pickup a few days ago and I'm not a huge fan after having played it for some time. I was looking to sell or trade and was trying to get this authenticated; I have seen on forums that this was a limited run for Musician's Friend from...
  10. jrkhav

    Let's See Your LP Artisans!

    An appreciation thread here for my personal holy grail model...the Gibson Les Paul Artisan! My ideal one would be one of the Walnut triple pickup models. Hoping to get one eventually here. I would love to see yours, if you have one, show it off here! Let's see these beauties and hear their stories!
  11. jrkhav

    The PAF Clone Can Of Worms

    So recently I've been looking to change out the pickups in my LP along with the rewiring I was considering too. The dream pickup/tone would be that vintage PAF style crunch, think like Rush's first couple albums or the Zeppelin II tone. DiMarzio Super Distortions came stock in my LP, and those...
  12. jrkhav

    Help With 3 Pickup Custom Wiring

    Hi all, I've been considering rewiring my 3 pickup LP so that one tone pot would become a dedicated volume pot for the middle pickup, and the other tone would be the master tone pot for all three pickups. I'd prefer to just buy a harness that's put together and then solder it in myself to save...
  13. jrkhav

    Happy to be Here + Introduction

    Hey all! I originally came to get more experienced opinions on a possibly dry fretboard on my LP Standard and was grateful for all the help, you all are so kind and helped put my mind at ease. Soon realized this was Les Paul heaven and I've really enjoyed browsing everything here. Found this...
  14. jrkhav

    3 Pickup LP Variants

    Hi all. Recently picked up a Gibson USA Ace Frehley Budokan which is an amazing guitar, also curious because it's a different triple pickup model. I was curious, is there a full list of years/variants of LPs that have three pickups? I know of this, the Black Beauties obviously, the rare few...
  15. jrkhav

    Cracking or Rosewood Grain?

    Hi all, I was noticing some odd lines on my Standard when I went to restring it today. I know the smaller and more uniform lines are the grain, but are the larger ones actually cracks? I will say it does look a lot worse in the pictures since they're so close up but I was hoping to get the...

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