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  1. 73Custom

    Any HC 2.0 Dissenters here...?

    I am the HC member formally known as GuitarNoobie... Been on this site since the last big outage at HC late in '09... The new forum sucks so badly. Glad I joined here last year. Learned how to build bad-ass les pauls by joining and reading here... so anyway, i know there are some dual...
  2. 73Custom

    Anyone ever order the Stewmac Quilted Maple?

    Anyone ever order the Stewmac Quilted Maple? Pictures of Top Wood for Carved-top Solidbody at Stewart-MacDonald If so, do you have pictures? thanks :wave:
  3. 73Custom

    i wanna build this next... :dude:

    hell, my first build is not cured (will be in 3 days :applause: ) my second build is not yet clear coated.... and i am seriously looking at wood for the 3rd :dude: :dude: :dude: this is what i want now :slash: anyone know where to get figured maple with wide tiger stripes like this...?
  4. 73Custom

    Advice on Goldtop Boo Boo....

    ok, so i bought an '04 Goldtop Classic several months ago. Great guitar that I really dig... the former owner bumped it against a knob on his computer desk so it has a very small dent in it. I planned on just living with when i bought it... however, i thought i would ask you experts here...
  5. 73Custom

    CarveWright Machine :love:

    DO WANT !!! :dude: Does anyone have one of these... Simply Bad ASS !!! :applause: CarveWright once you design all the templates, making a guitar would be a breeze !!! :thumb:
  6. 73Custom

    LP Build #2 (Eastern Maple Carved Top content)

    Here's my first build (still underway, but getting there) where i decided to practice with cedar and aspen (home depot exotic woods, lol) so i could gain some skill before touching mahogany and maple... It didn't start as a build thread, but it turned into one...
  7. 73Custom

    Copy Carver ???

    Has any heard of this site? Or downloaded the plans? Copy Carver the woodcarvers copy machine anyone have any information??? Thanks :wave:
  8. 73Custom

    Let's see inlays created using the look of a Gibby font...

    Maybe we can eventually create each letter that would allow people to make their own headstock logo... here is two I came up with in about an hour... and one FF_pedals created and had Tuslah make...
  9. 73Custom

    Truss Rod Channel Routing...

    ok, here's my dilemma... the bartlett plans show the channel angled. depth 9/16 (at the anchor) to 1/2 (at the headstock)... the stewmac plans show the channel depth at 1/2 the entire length... can some explain the differences to me and the relevance of doing it one way or the other...
  10. 73Custom

    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    As I wait on wood, templates, specialty tools, etc.... in preparation for my first build, I have a blank I made from cedar that I am practicing on... So everyone jump in here, post a couple of recent pictures and a link to your build thread... This could turn out to be a thread that...
  11. 73Custom

    Template Advice Needed

    I am about to purchase templates... I have narrowed it down to 2 choices.. The Bartlett templates... Templates And these: 1959 Les Paul Standard-Make your own! i know Tom gets much respect around here and some people here use the templates he sells. but i need a...
  12. 73Custom

    Neck Blank from Warmoth

    I am in the initial stages of planning my first build and have a question concerning the Warmoth Mahogany Neck Blanks like this one here... Neck-Blanks-for-13-Degree-Angled-Peg-Heads-Mahogany I read in one build thread here some where (trying to find it again) that this neck will not work...
  13. 73Custom

    Woohoo! Two Les Pauls within one week, '04 Goldtop Classic

    Wow, it's been quite a week. Last Friday night I purchased an '05 Standard Faded... Thread here: And then this week, I found an '04 Goldtop Classic. Well I went and played her last night...
  14. 73Custom

    What's an '04 Goldtop Classic model worth(pics included)

    The one I have found has NO HSC and it does NOT have the original pickups. The original owner put Seymour Duncans in it, but the current owner doesn't know which duncans they are... It also has a small dimple where your forearm rests. no other cosmetic issues... I seen several '08s on...
  15. 73Custom

    GuitarFetish offering pedals now...

    FYI, GFS now has pedals.... i just ordered the tube pedal... GFS Footpedals :dude:
  16. 73Custom

    my new '05 Standard Faded Tobacco Burst

    Just picked this up yesterday afternoon and let me say it's a damn sweet guitar... resonates and sustains very nicely. great low action too... the original owner added the rare pickup covers and replaced the back plastic with brown. i am really enjoying this :dude:

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