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  1. scovell001

    Doug & Pat Are Back

    Yep, they’re back - love these guys Doug & Pat Show
  2. scovell001

    NGD 2020 R8

    NGD 2020 R8 Just picked this up yesterday, 2020 R8 unused I’m away from home so have been playing it ‘as is’ straight from the box ! - I’ve been quite mixed about Gibson Reissues, played loads over the years as well as a few original bursts. This was gonna be & still might end up being a...
  3. scovell001

    1960 Burst Content

    Chris Buck plays 1960 burst
  4. scovell001

    Struggling to like Montys PAF’s

    Okay so I recently got a set of Montys Pafs & put them in my Les Paul Traditional. I was extremely surprised at how ‘flavoured’ (for want of a better word) they were. The bridge especially is extremely quacky & has a cocked wah kind of sound to it. My previous pickup experiences (in the same...
  5. scovell001

    Gibson ‘59 tribute humbuckers

    I have a set of these in my ‘14 trad with vintage wiring harness. I originally hated them but after a harness change they sound fantastic. Mine are both 7.5k they’ve seen off very stiff competition from boutique pickups. I just wondered if anyone else had them & if any of the winders had...
  6. scovell001

    Vintage Control Cavity Second Route Depth

    Does anyone know the vintage correct depth for the 2nd control cavity route ? It looks about 3/16ths to me from this picture. Vintage Control Route by scovell001 posted Apr 2, 2018 at 8:37 PM
  7. scovell001

    Should I ditch my builder?

    OK, Last Nov I signed up with a builder to make me a LP replica, with the build beginning in Feb this year. Really nice guy, accommodated me asking loads of questions & specifying what I wanted. All with a yes, can do attitude. I paid an initial deposit, sourced many of the parts, woods...
  8. scovell001

    3rd power amps - any experiences

    found their site recently- quite interested in the woolly coats wondered if anyone out there had any experiences at all ?
  9. scovell001

    Chance to buy 1999 R9

    Hi to all on the forum. The 'chance' has come my way to buy a 'mint' & it really is mint totally killer looking - 1999 r9 I was really, slowly looking/saving for a stellar r8 (maybe th etc) Anyway, I saw this one & it weighs 7.0lb !!! (no chambering) Its a thing of beauty. Anyway, I don't...
  10. scovell001

    Changing Kluson Tuners to er, Kluson Tuners ?

    Hiya to all on the forum. On my Trad I have Kluson Deluxe tuners with the nut on the front. Is it 'possible' to change these to the press fit Kluson Tuners as found on older LP's ?
  11. scovell001

    Creamtone absolute vintage switch ring

    This is the switch ring (its the nos version: Currently out of stock at Creamtone I'm based in the UK but willing to post 'anywhere'. Looking to...
  12. scovell001

    2003 Historic Question

    Hi to all on the forum, I've seen a really nice 58 historic from 2003. I wouldnt normally look back that far, but it looks like a real nice guitar. It 'doesnt' have the Brazilian FB but I was just wondering are there any issues/differences with these compared to the current VOS guitars ie...
  13. scovell001

    Original 1958 les Paul through a MBS custom by Cougar amp played by Ramon Goose clean

    Interested in any thoughts on the sound of these pickups. Do they sound a bit Alnico III'y in both the bridge & neck ? If you click on the yt account you will find links to other paf comparisons from Monty's & Mojo Pickups. Constructive...
  14. scovell001

    Guitar Conniosseur Magazine - Stephens Designs Pickups

    Noticed in this magazine Dave Stephens has written an article about his pickup winding research/exploits over the last 15+ years. Be interested to hear others thoughts on what is written - left me a bit befuddled with contradictions tbh
  15. scovell001

    Sorry, another which pup rings should I buy thread ?

    Sorry for raising this one again. I want some as close as possible to vintage pup rings as possible. I'm here in the UK, I was thinking otpg rings or the art of aging rings from crazy parts . or should I be looking at something else ? I have no issues with importing.
  16. scovell001

    Fender 57 custom deluxe 5e3 or lazy j20

    Ok, over here in the uk, fender custom shop 57 deluxe amps will be arriving shortly. I'm wondering wether to get one of these or, wait and get a lazy j20. Any thuoughts ?
  17. scovell001

    Guitarist Magazine Aug 2016 Les Paul Issue

    Just picked this up today. Nice article with Bernie Marsden comparing 'The Beast' & his 60 LP against True Historic 58,59 & 60.
  18. scovell001

    Reinhardt Storm 33

    Obviously Reinhardt amps are no longer. As I understand they were based around a JCM800, but with an additional gain stage & power scaling. Is there anything like that on the market these days ?
  19. scovell001

    MSSC Down Until Further Notice

    Due to serious health conditions, MSSC is down until further notice. Very sorry to hear about this. I 'only just' received my Holy Grail harness from Matt a few weeks back. Awesome guy
  20. scovell001

    Changing Zinc Nashville Bridge & tailpiece will it cure my slightly harsh treble

    I love my LP, but it has the very slightest of harsh trebles on the bridge (I'd like it to be a little smoother sounding). Would changing out the modern zinc Nashville Bridge & tailpiece help alleviate the situation. I don't necessarily want more sustain or a brighter sound, just a...