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  1. peach64

    FS Celestion Speakers

    Pair of Celestion Blackback G12M25 55hz 8 Ohm Speakers. Fresh and killer. They don't get any better. 444 Cones JJ 28 -1976 - 444 cones $400 KK17 - 1977 - Recone $100 -Gift Pair Celestion G12H30 55 Hz 16 Ohm 444 cones Excellent $400 Pair Celestion G1250 Alnico Golds 16 Ohm - Incredible $400...
  2. peach64

    WTB: Gibson Historic Flying V Case

    Hello, I was hoping to score a Gibson Historic Trapezoid case for 1958 Flying V, or something suitable to these specs. any and all tips greatly appreciated Thank You, Peach
  3. peach64

    Morley Pro Flager $250 - Sold-please delete

    All Original. Good Condition. Works Fine. Sounds Great
  4. peach64

    Replica Upgrade Heavy Hitters

    Handmade `50's Replicas Relic'd Pearly Gates: Bartlet Eastern Flame Maple Cap, Brazilian Board, 100% Nitro, Honduran Mahogany Body & Neck Hide Glue, Tortoise Shell Side Dots, Correct Neck Profile $2500 Firm No Trades links of more pics to serious buyers Tangerine: 70 Year Old Honduran...
  5. peach64

    WTB One Piece White Limba Body For Explorer

    Hey Guys, I hope all are well. After the last few months of fine tuning my templates and buying some body blanks for various builds, I am looking to buy a figured and clean one piece White Limba body blank for an Explorer build. Unfortunately the wood that I have seen on Ebay and in person has...
  6. peach64

    What Cigars Are You Smoking?

    So Guys, tell me about your cigars and how you pair them up with Scotch, Bourbon, Tequila, Rum and last but not least Cognac. What brands are your favorites? And has anyone smoked Gurka Cigars? Thanks
  7. peach64

    The Memoirs of Billy Shears...MACCA Corp

    Depending on how open minded you are, either this book is completely b.s. or a mind blower of information. For anyone to make a knee jerk reaction before reading it, and making statements about something is foolishness. I just finished reading the full 66 Chapters, 666 pages of WillIAM...
  8. peach64

    The Yardbirds Live 2016

    Caught the latest incarnation of the 2016 last night in Lakewood, NJ. They were absolutely amazing! Johnny A playing a Les Paul Junior through Vox AC 30 and the other guy who sang dead on like Keith Relf was just as great. The song list was fantastic. Anybody who loves playing or learning...
  9. peach64

    For Tone Enthusiasts in Pursuit

    For those of us who appreciate great amps, guitars, recording techniques, and desire an unending source of information... Johan is a great source of information. Dude is cool as they come too.
  10. peach64

    FS: Single Cut, Braz,Bumble,Nitro, Flame $2250.00

    This is the Best Bang For Your Buck...Hands Down! Here is a handmade 50's specs `59 Les Paul Replica, using John Catto's `58-`60 Template. This one was built with leftover parts. And this Flame is KILLER too. It has a few dings and scratches ...but the price takes all this into account...
  11. peach64

    1956 Strat Replica $1200 or B/O

    This has been a very great Strat to me. I do not want to sell it, but I'm forced to. This is a one piece, ultra light Swamp Ash Musikraft Stratocaster Body. Finish in 100% Mary Kaye Nitro Cellulose from Orion Finishing. The neck is tone taped Eastern Maple, with 7.25 Radius. Stainless Steel...
  12. peach64

    CM Daugherty PAFS $175 Psalm 37:4

    Non Aged Jimmy Page PAFS Alnico V Magnets ...These are a phenominal bang for your buck! Brilliant PAF Tone. No Trades
  13. peach64

    1958 Flying V Plans or Template help?

    Hey Guys, I am looking for if possible a set of plans or templates for a 1958 Flying V? I had bought a set from Guitarbuilding Templates but it was taken off an Epiphone. So after doing a bit of research, Gibson had a few variations in the 50's plus they lost or destroyed the plans when they...
  14. peach64

    Builders Beware: Avoid Best Euro Spruce

    Hello, I regret that I have to post this warning about a luthier supplier, but unfortunately I have no choice. After waiting months for 2 sets of templates; `58 Les Paul & `58 Flying V, my patience has finally worn out with " Dr. Martin Guhl " of Home - best EuroSpruce: MoonSpruce + other...
  15. peach64

    Marshall/Jeff Swanson 2 X 12 Cab w/30 Scumbacks $650 Firm

    Hey Guys I am selling a Never Used, Brand New handmade, Marshall style 2 x 12 cabinet from Jeff Swanson. It is loaded with Scumback 30 watt Pre-Rola Speakers. Sounds Killer. $650 Firm. No Trades. As for the `59 Burst?
  16. peach64

    Tips on dealing with potential temperamental band mates..

    Greetings All, I wanted to reply in the Being In Band Thread...but second thought I'm not/this is not a band yet??? Here is my situation, 17 or 18 years ago my drummer Mike and I auditioned Mark,an eccentric lead vocalist, talented, opinionated and creative. Back then we were obviously close...
  17. peach64

    FT Stephens Design HD Lite Bridge for Lifton Case

    Looking to trade this PAF for a Gibson Lifton Brown Case Paid $350, this is an AMAZING sounding PAF
  18. peach64

    Neck PAF suggestions for `58 Flying V build

    Well it looks like I'll be holding onto my Stephens Design HD Lite Bridge with 8.4 ohms. Now I need to match this up with a suitable neck pickup. I will need to get a Gold cover for this as well. What PAF winder, magnet, etc.. will match up nicely with my bridge humbucker? And really make...
  19. peach64

    Stephens Design HD Lite Bridge PAF $300

    I bought this from Dave a while back, sounds absolutely amazing. No Wait! I paid $350. No Trades $300 plus shipping Thanks for looking
  20. peach64

    Best Musician (Vocalist) Classifieds Suggestions?

    Hey guys, can anybody suggest a good source for finding great vocalists? I've tried and have ads on Craigslist, ehhh? I also paid to be a member on Bandmix but that was a waste of time and money too. Most live or original bands that I have seen have had an average vocals at best. This past...