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    Hi guys anyone know a good luthier in the Cambridge on. canada area.Thanks for your help. Cal.
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    Fender vaporizier amp.

    Hi guys,anyone have one of these amps.,anybody have any opinions on them.Thanks for your time. cal
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    2009-1959 reissue gibson les paul

    Hi guys,gibson cant help me maybe you can.I would like too know how many of this les paul were made,i have one but i cant post a picture,i dont have a camera,serial#would be around 119950-119960,im not telling you my serial# colour is antique orange if you have one of these les pauls in this...
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    Pod hd500x

    Anybody have one of these pedals,if you do what do you think of it,thanks in advance cal.
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    Best amp thats sounds good with a multi-effects pedal.

    Hi guys looking for an amp that would sound good ,running a multi-effects pedal throught it.Thanks for your help cal.
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    Fender amps.

    Hi guys,can anyone tell me what fender amps. are made in the U.S.A. thanks for your help cal.
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    Help with my serial number

    Hi guys i have a 2012 les paul standard in fireball ,serial number is 119221449 does this mean jt was made sept.22/2011.If it was would it have a one piece rosewood fingerboard. could someone please help with this .It says made in 2012 on the back of the headstock. Thanks for your help cal.
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    min-etune and future tribute les paul

    hi guys now that you have had the min-etune for awhile what do you think of it now and how often do you have to change the strings... does anyone have the future tribute les paul what do you think of it.i would like to buy one with the min-etune on it and how long to you think the battery will...
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    IBANEZ80n acoustic amp.

    hi guys anybody here have one of these amps. if you do how good are they and can you play an electric guitar throught them and sound good.thanks for your time cal.
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    looking for a good blues pedal

    hi guys been looking for a good blues pedal looking at rockett blue note and VFE blues king any other blues pedals im missing opinions please thank you for your time cal.
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    2004 epiphone with skull and cross bones on it

    hi guys wondering if anyone on here has a 2004 epiphone dregen dot limited edition with 57 classic pick ups in it and skull and cross bones on it if you do what was the cost of it new and what are they worth today and did they come with a case. i found one they say is brand new and they want...
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    anybody having fun with min-etune

    hi guys just wondering if it screws your strings up more than useual and if you have to set intonation more often thanks for your input cal.
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    T.c.electonic polytune or korg pichblack plus

    hi guys narrowed it down to 2 tuners what do you think tc electronis polytune pedal or korg pichblack plus tuner pedal thanks for your time cal.
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    korg pitchblack plus tuner

    hi guys anybody on here have one of these tuners if you do how do you like it and did you have any problems with it thanks for your time cal. or is there a better tuner on the market.
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    epiphone 50th. anniversary sheraton guitar

    does anyone have one of these if you do what do you think of them cant find too much about them on you tube thanks for your time its the tv model epiphone 50th. anniversary tv sheraton guitar. 1962-2012 model.hard too find in canada. i asked [email protected] they said only 3 on order hard too get...
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    opinions on the les paul signature guitar with min-etune

    anybody on the forum have the new les paul signature T guitar with the min-etune on it if you do could you give your opinions on the guitar and the min-etune thanks for your time cal.
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    wilshire phant-o-matic

    hi guys anybody have this guitar and if you do what do you think of it any problems i should know about thanks for your time. cal.
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    fender super champ x2 amp.

    hi guys just wondering if there was any problems with these amps.thanks for the help cal
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    PRS se30 or 50 amps.

    hi everyone merry christmas and happy new yr. does anyone on here have either one of these amps. i think they sound great but i would like to know how reliable they are are there any real problems with these amps. if you have one could you please comment on how reliable these amps...
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    zoom g3x pedal

    hi guys do you have one of these pedals if you do what do you thing of it thanks in advance for your opinion cal