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  1. Mosster47

    LS80 needs refret. How big of a deal are nibs?

    Ditch the nibs. If you're worried about the resale because of not being able to very the model number just take pictures now. Honestly once you refret and replace all the wiring and hardware on an old Tokai the only thing that starts to matter is finish, flame, and weight.
  2. Mosster47

    PRO-CONS 2004 Jimmy Page CA VOS vs. 2020 1960th anniversary '60 Reissue

    Why not just keep your R0 that you like and send it to someone like Historic Makeovers to make it look like a JP model? The neck carve is already correct.
  3. Mosster47

    Sold! Heritage Custom Shop Custom Core Collection H-150 with Upgrade 2021 Dark Cherry Sunburst

    The playability on these are unreal. They're absolutely fantastic guitars. The neck profile is about what the current R8s are. It's chunky but the edges are rolled so well it's really comfortable. I have small hands and it's no issues at all. I'm never selling mine. GLWTS.
  4. Mosster47

    Let’s see those “Lemons”!

    From Japan, circa 1983.
  5. Mosster47

    Epiphone '59 Vs Tokai LS136F

    The best value Tokai has out there is the LS160/196 (same guitar, they've just renumbered everything in the last few years). One piece back, solid plain top, nitro, all the right specs. The build quality is R caliber and they're under $2k.
  6. Mosster47

    Let’s see those “Lemons”!

    I'd buy that for a dollar!!!!
  7. Mosster47

    Here's a question.... Razor Blade (CC, etc) vs Murphy Lab

    My mistake. I thought I'd read they just pull regular R guitars and do their work. The newer R guitars do check though so they'll eventually get there.
  8. Mosster47

    Here's a question.... Razor Blade (CC, etc) vs Murphy Lab

    I've only seen a handful of Murphy Lab heavy aged guitars at a platinum room. A few of them looked absolutely killer. I mean open a Burst Believer book and there they are. A couple looked like absolute dog shit though. Like if you dropped the $11k for that you'd be livid when you opened the box...
  9. Mosster47

    NGD 2005 R8

    Awesome guitar! I had an 04 R8 in cherry. The neck on that thing was so huge. I loved the way it sounded though.
  10. Mosster47

    2021 R9 Finish Flaw???

    The Nashville platinum room has a freaking sweet collection in there.
  11. Mosster47

    NGD Heritage CC Aged H-150 Bourbon Burst

    I got another update, this one not so good. Overall I absolutely love this guitar. It's just a joy to play and it sounds killer. I'm keeping it. However, the bridge saddle posts that are threaded into the top are bent. It intonates perfect and the string spaces are perfect. I thought it was...
  12. Mosster47

    SOLO Music LP Kit - Hardware Recommendations

    I just use pre tinned gavitt wire. Cut a length, pull the cloth covering off it and solder it down. I've never used anything but Russian military style PIO caps. I also haven't tried a .15 in the neck, just .22s for all. I do use .47 for P-90s though. I will also add the original bumble bees...
  13. Mosster47

    SOLO Music LP Kit - Hardware Recommendations

    This is my experience and I've rewired a lot of guitars. I mean a lot a lot. With a humbucker I find the PIO caps make then a bit quackier. The ceramic ones make them a bit snappier. That's just me. The grounding wire makes absolutely no difference to my ears though.
  14. Mosster47

    Murphy Lab

    That usually ends up looking like shattered glass. The ultra aged ones I have seen (only six at GC) had the normal longer check lines. A couple of them looked like crap, but the rest looked like something out of a book. I'm not big into fake aging, but they looked awesome.
  15. Mosster47

    Murphy Lab

    That's what everyone has said about everything with the R guitars, but they just keep going up in value.
  16. Mosster47

    NGD Heritage CC Aged H-150 Bourbon Burst

    A tone update; stock this guitar sounded really sparkly. Each note was very defined and it had a pop to it. It was like that all the way through the volume and tone range. A swapped out the caps with .22 PIOs and it has that quacky LP sound now. You can dime the tone knob and bypass it so you...
  17. Mosster47

    New Guitar Day!

    With the weight and playability of these they might be the best singlecut option on the retail market right now.
  18. Mosster47

    The Other Single-Cuts Classifieds (read the rules before posting)

    Oh.My.God. The wood on that thing is incredible. The back is gorgeous. That's cheaper than an R9. Killer deal.
  19. Mosster47

    NGD: Custom Core Lemon

    I've been playing my new aged one like a maniac the last week and a half and I freaking love this thing. Out of the gazillion guitars I have owned it might be the most enjoyable playing guitar I've ever had. A lot of the time I don't even plug it in. They have hardware issues, the tops are meh...
  20. Mosster47

    Thoughts on Heritage guitars

    I had this H150 back around 2014. I bought it from Frank on here. It was probably the best looking guitar I've ever owned. He posted the NGD thread with these three pictures and I told him I had to have it. It was built like a tank, weighed around 9.5lbs and the neck had the identical feel of...