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  1. Mustard Caps

    1982 x 62 Fullerton Reissue Strat/3 Red Bobbin Pickups

    Excellent condition Low Serial # 82 x 62 Fullerton Reissue Stratocaster. Highly collectable, 3 Red Bobbin pickups. 2 Factory String Trees. Bought new at Carls Music in Lex, Ky in 1982. Will need a set up, and adjustment. Plays perfectly. Only a few dings. No Fret, or Neck wear. Will need a...
  2. Mustard Caps

    Pete Cornish 3Q1...$400 Deluxe Series Black Box

    Mint Condition Cornish 3Q1 EQ pedal. No Velcro, and not a scratch on it. Less than 10 hour play. $400. They go for much more than $400. Priced to sell.
  3. Mustard Caps

    MOOG MF104M.. 2004 Analogman White Dot, Regular Gain NKT275 Sunface/Sundial.

    MOOG MF104M. Less than 5 hours on it. New condition. Original Box, Power Supply, and Manuel included. $900 is giving it away. Worth at least $1250-$1500. NO Trades. Sorry for the aad pic of the Sunface. 2004 White Dot NKT275, Sunface/Sundial. No Velcro. Less than 40 hours on it. Has Box...
  4. Mustard Caps

    MOOG MF104M $900..2004 Analogman White Dot NKT 275 Sunface/Sundial $500

    Pristine less than 5 hours MOOG MF104M Delay....$900. Are selling for considerably more. Priced to sell.
  5. Mustard Caps

    New Mather Oversized TVB Caninet/EC Collins Cloth

    I just got a Mather Overstzed TVB Cabinet, ( 29.75W x 36T x 14D ) EC Collins Cloth, and loaded it with 4 x 12 x 1972 Celestion G12Ms... WOAH!!!!! Sounds even better that I hoped for. I got the speakers from a member here about 3 years ago, and never put them I a cabinet. So I saved up and...
  6. Mustard Caps

    Which Limiter ?- Caili76/Mayer 615 Smooth/Empress Other?

    This isn't a Favorites contest. It will also be mainly for Guitar. Which do you feel offers the best design, function, ect ? Cali/Mayer/Other? The 615 is designed after the RM58, which the Stereo Version, was/is used in Electric Ladyland Studios, and many others. Both have Class A...
  7. Mustard Caps

    Guitar Limiters/Compressors that run on 48 Volts

    Ive found only 2 Limiters/Compressors for Guitar that run on 48v, and also run on both -10dvb/+4dvb. Instrument/Line Levels. The Roger Mayer 615 Smooth, and the Mayer RM58 both have this capability. They also add 2nd Harmonics, and are more limiter, than simply compression. Anyone else know...
  8. Mustard Caps

    Can anyone identify this pickup?

    A friend of mine gave me this pickup 6 years ago, along with an old Sound City 4 x 12 cabinet and 4 Altec Lansing Type Diacone Speakers, and some other stuff. He doesn't play, and gave them to me. The pickup has no baseplate, and has tape around the coil. What looks like rust on the ends...
  9. Mustard Caps

    What Les Paul has a .92-1.02 Neck and 6125 Frets ?

    The frets on the Early LPs were Vintage Small Frets, ( 6125 ) and some Fat Necks, and that started changing in Mid 59. Does Gibson make any LPs with Vintage Frets, and a Fat .92-1.02 neck ? Im also pretty sire the LP Custom kept the small frets.
  10. Mustard Caps

    Switching to Multiple 1x Cabinets

    Who's using Multiple 1x cabinets, instead of 2 x 12, 4 x 12 ect ? 8 x 1 x12 ? 4 x 1 x 15 ? 4 x 1 x 10 ? Combine 15s, 12s, 10s ? Im going to slowly put many of my speakers in 1x cabinets, and put Dual Neutrik NL2 Connectors to Daisy Chain them. Ive already done 2 Hemp Coned JBL E120s...
  11. Mustard Caps

    Celestion Cream Alnico 90 Watt

    Anyone using these ? I just ordered 1 from Sweetwater, and it will be sent next week. I'll also probably order another 1 on a month. They will also be used in 1 x 12 cabinets. Also will be running it through a Metro GMP45. Im currently mainly using Hemp Coned JBL E120s. Which I love...
  12. Mustard Caps

    Warm Audio EQ

    Warm Audio EQ Hookup How would you hook this up in your GUITAR pedal chain ??? IM also not worried about cost, size ect, and am only interested in how to do it. Warm Audio EQP-WA 1-channel, 2-band Tube EQ with Transformer-balanced I/O, CineMag Transformers, Bandwidth Control, and EQ...
  13. Mustard Caps

    F Pedals Phasevibe and Edstortion Pedals

    Anyone have any experience with these pedals ??
  14. Mustard Caps

    F Pedals Eddie Kramer Series Phazevibe and Edistortion Pedals

    Anyone used these pedals?
  15. Mustard Caps

    Good Trade for Me ?

    I traded my Limited Edition ( 560 made) Moog MF104M Super Delay ( 1 year old 5 hours use ) for a Moog MF104M Delay ( 2 months old 2 years warranty) and a Brand New, still in the box Roger Mayer Voodoovibe+. Both Moog Delays are now Discontinued. The SD last year and the MF104M about 2 months ago.
  16. Mustard Caps

    Would you trade a Moog MF104M Super Delay for New Voodoovibe+ AND a MF104M

    Someone wants to trade me his regular Moog MF104M Delay.. discontinued and a new Roger Mayer Voodoovibe+ for my Moog MF104M Super Dleay. They are very collectable and only made 560 of them. His 1st offer was an EHX DMMTT1100 and a Voodoovibe+ but I don't have use for the EHX. It isn't line...
  17. Mustard Caps

    Original Marshall The Guv'nor

    Whos using an original Marshall The Guv"nor pedal through a Marshall/Metro Bluesbreaker type amp and what are your thoughts?