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  1. BadPenguin

    Epiphone Joan Jett Melody Maker Released

    Didn't know Epi made a melody Maker in the 60's. Learn something new every day! But that Joan Jett thing.... Can't unsee it.
  2. BadPenguin

    Help Finding a pick guard
  3. BadPenguin

    Help identifying my LP 100, please

    It's exactly what it is. the Les Paul 100. They have a new version of it, the E1. Otherwise, it's JUST a LP100.
  4. BadPenguin

    A 3 by 3 (9-position) switch?

    Personally, I think you are making it unnecessarily complicated with the "off" position. Use a simple push/pull for coil tap, and volume control for off.
  5. BadPenguin

    Modern Marvel - Pickup Swaps No Longer Necessary

    Oh, and that "presence" knob? I believe it's for stage lighting, turning the spot on you for a blistering solo, or to turn the fan on, ala Vai, and add to the rock star "presence".
  6. BadPenguin

    Modern Marvel - Pickup Swaps No Longer Necessary

    And before we get into the newest tech with those knobs on the amp, what about those weird, almost never used other knobs on the guitar? I think they are called "tone". Can be used to cut some of the high end off! It's voodoo!!!
  7. BadPenguin

    Major Project from 2011

    Wow, that's a LOT of ugly! Good luck, and keep posting your progress.
  8. BadPenguin

    Gibson revives legendary Maestro pedals brand with five new stompboxes

    Had a few in the 70's and 80's. Really wasn't a big fan.
  9. BadPenguin

    Replacing a perfectly good headstock (will it ruin the guitar)????

    Have, always got rid of them. But they were designed to have that angle in the first place. Along with a bolt on neck to allow for a different neck angle. What the OP wants to do, is design a solution for some ill-conceived flaw he thinks the original design has. OR, like others have pointed...
  10. BadPenguin

    Replacing a perfectly good headstock (will it ruin the guitar)????

    I don't get the near flat headstock angle. Maybe I'm not supposed to, but I see a world of trouble of nut issues, rattles, pings, and never staying in tune.
  11. BadPenguin

    Those cheap Epiphone tuners

    There's no real reason to keep it stock, if it doesn't hold tune. They are the cheapest tuners they could get. Just get new tuners, and save yourself, and others, from tuning issues.
  12. BadPenguin

    rock wars 2

    Never liked Page, just didn't like Zep in general. Clapton lost his balls when he picked up a strat. Page basically changed rock as much as Hendrix. Clapton became a dick in his old age. Edge goes to Page.
  13. BadPenguin

    Serial number help

    It's not the month, it's DAYS. 32 days in 97 would be... let me use my toes here... Feb 1st, 1993. A Monday I believe. The code is YdddY. Not days in the month, but days of the year.
  14. BadPenguin

    Need how-to advice to fix lightened stain on epiphone satin finish

    I don't think it's worth going thru all the hassles of "repairing" it or making disappear. You bought it to play or to look at? Just play it, you won't think about it.
  15. BadPenguin

    rock wars 1

    Uhh, I'll agree with 2 - Neil 3 - Bruce 4 - Neil's 5 - Neil but Bruce's early stuff..... come on. So 1. Bruce (Just for the Born to Run lp)
  16. BadPenguin


    Want hard? Try a concert harp. Cello, and other bowed instruments, all require you to use 2 instruments at the same time. (The instrument AND the bow.) Bagpipes aren't the easiest either. Guitar, anyone can learn the basic "cowboy" chords and sound like they know what they are doing.
  17. BadPenguin

    Pickup not fitting?

    Hard to understand what you are asking without photos. If you push down on a pickup's corner, it does move, that's normal. If it moves A LOT with a little pressure, then you are either missing a spring, the spring is too soft, or the pickup is near the end of the screw threads.
  18. BadPenguin

    I hoping...

    Yeah.... uhhhh... I got nothing.
  19. BadPenguin

    2021 R9 Finish Flaw???

    It's GC, and you expected proper customer service...... foolish foolish mortal! o_O I have callouses older than most of the "sales moneys" there and have probably touched more guitars than they have seen. I DON'T go there expecting great things from the people working there. Go talk to the...
  20. BadPenguin

    Tone switch help - Hagstrom Swede/LP upgrade

    Ok, this may take some back and forth, so patience is required. The original tone switch added the caps value to the overall tone, making it like the tone set to say 3, even with the tone controls on 10 right? Just like the old Gretch's did with the mid 60's Vikings. Path would be like...

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