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  1. Dutchy5150

    NGD! EVH Wolfgang!!

    Congratulations... Two awesome guitars... My Franky should be here by the end of the week... :)
  2. Dutchy5150

    EVH Wolfgang Special Stealth Black w/Ebony Fretboard

    Not quite as black as mine... ;) I've got 4 Wolfgang Specials and they are all fantastic guitars... I definitely plan on getting more...
  3. Dutchy5150

    new evh frankie relic

    I've got 3 Frankies that I've made (4 if you count the B/W version) but I'm still planning on getting one of the new reliced Franks. I think I might wait to get a second hand one though as here in Australia, they are going to be just under 3K. :oops:
  4. Dutchy5150

    EVH/Fender Wolfgang Standard and Special Models

    I dont think the Standards ever came with D-tunas. Only the Specials and USA's. Not 100% sure though...
  5. Dutchy5150

    EVH/Fender Wolfgang Standard and Special Models

    Tell me about it... Man it took forever... There was an over site here at the Fender Factory and it was sitting in the corner of their factory for a few month longer than it should of... The wait was worth it though... Because of the delay, they gave me a free EVH gig bag and EVH shirt. :)...
  6. Dutchy5150

    EVH/Fender Wolfgang Standard and Special Models

    I have had this one on order since July last year (SNAMM). It arrive here a week and a half ago. Awesome guitar. One of only 150 made and the only one in Australia. I cant recommend the EVH line enough...
  7. Dutchy5150

    Charvel pro mod San Dimas style 2 (Tele) vs style 1 (Strat)

    I've got a pink Charvel too. A SoCal. I actually got 8 Charvels now. The fluro yellow, fluro pink, 2 snow whites and an off white, a black and 2 cherrybursts and I still plan on getting more. Hopefully the green and then orange ones are next. I LOVE these guitars...
  8. Dutchy5150

    Charvel pro mod San Dimas style 2 (Tele) vs style 1 (Strat)

    I've bought both these models (although older models) in the past month. You cant go wrong with either one. To me, they both play the same so its would basically be down to which ever you think looks best... I love both the guitars you are looking at. Here are the 2 I just bought plus a VH...
  9. Dutchy5150

    Post unusual coloured guitars here!!

    A couple that I have...
  10. Dutchy5150

    Star shaped guitars

  11. Dutchy5150


    Good move replacing the trem... The trems that come in them are garbage. An OFR fits in them nicely. I've got 4 of these Jem Jrs and replaced all of the trems in them with real Floyd's. They are great guitars for the price. Congrsats
  12. Dutchy5150

    1990 Ibanez RG570, Original Edge Tremolo Arm is Loose sell Ibanez Trem Arm Bushings. Bag of 12 for $25. Probably your best way to go... or if you want to have a Floyd type arm for your edge/ edge pro you could try these... A friend of mine has a couple of them on his Universe's...
  13. Dutchy5150

    Finally, EVH Tour Relic Guitar Content

    That looks amazing. I'm a huge VH fan and definitely want to get one of these one day. Congrats...
  14. Dutchy5150

    NGD 1987 JEM LNG

    Congrats on a amazing guitar. The LNG is my favorite Jem
  15. Dutchy5150

    New guitar days: EVH Striped Yellow

    I've got a few of the Charvel's too and they're awesome too, but as I'm a massive EVH head, you got to have some stripes in your life.. You can not go wrong we either guitars...
  16. Dutchy5150

    New guitar days: EVH Striped Yellow

    I've got a couple of EVH Striped Guitars too, including the Bee. Awesome guitars... Congrats.
  17. Dutchy5150

    Rounding out the collection... looking for EVH theme...

    I've got 3 Frankys but none of them have the blue paint in them. I was never a big fan of that look. They all do have the correct reflectors on them though.
  18. Dutchy5150


    I also bought this last week and it will be here in a couple days.... I'll grab a neck for it in a couple weeks.... I LOVE these Charvels... Green SoCal will be next
  19. Dutchy5150

    Any Ibanez love here?

    I've got a few Ibbys... PS120 Jem Jr (with home made swirl paint job) JS100 ( with home made crappy "Donnie" paint job) JS10 (this is one of the test bodies they used to test chroming and then sent to distributors) 12 string Acoustic - AEL2012E I've also got a 6 string Acoustic but...
  20. Dutchy5150


    I guess I should post a photo of my Charvels too....

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