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  1. Archtopanimal

    The 1959 Gibson Electric Guitars and Amplifiers Catalog

    That was three television basic model sets back then .
  2. Archtopanimal

    I'm shocked and amazed.

    After watching some very good Youtube vids on guitar cap comparisons , I have to say that I can only hear the difference between ceramic discs and upgrades . Mylar vs polyester vs polystyrene vs POI differences are beyond my ears thesedays .
  3. Archtopanimal

    Round Core or Hex Core Strings on your Les Paul?

    I've tried all sorts of constructions . Round core sound flat and indistinct in most Brands except TI , but they're expensive . Then there's silk wrap , before metal wrapping .......... At the end of the day it's more a case of pickups , amp and the ability to play .
  4. Archtopanimal

    1956 Gold Top Re-Finish

    Send it to London UK :
  5. Archtopanimal

    Beauty of the burst book

    " Burst Believers " is quite daft a title , I have to concur . However , the entire series that I've bought over the years has some darn good photographs amongst it's volumes . Volume III is my favourite . The last volume had too much re-hashed added to new stuff . Gold tops would be a good...
  6. Archtopanimal

    Bare Knuckle pickups-What’s the deal?

    If idiots want to pay them that .............
  7. Archtopanimal

    Bare Knuckle pickups-What’s the deal?

    It's the way to go . Usually less than half price .
  8. Archtopanimal

    Bare Knuckle pickups-What’s the deal?

    I just worked my way though a set of speced-up Mules on the website . Geez , they are expensive at GBP274 delivered overseas . That's tax free too . Those in the UK would be paying GBP295 delivered with VAT . Nutz !
  9. Archtopanimal

    Bare Knuckle pickups-What’s the deal?

    You can get these secondhand often . Watch Ebay . They flip regularly as they're not a popular keeper . USD400 for a pair of hummers is getting expensive . Have you tries Wolfetone Pickups ? Wolfe is heaps less money and a first class product too , but with less choice of finishes .
  10. Archtopanimal

    Murphy Lab Finish Repair - Not!

    I prefer the original top wood . Having said that , I'm a Indy LP Replica guy , so none of this Gibby factory LP stuff finds it's way into my life . I'm very , very particular as to woods , hardware , finish , colours and dimensions , so someone else just making a guitar and seeing if someone...
  11. Archtopanimal

    Wolfetone's Whopping 25% Off Sale Until Further Notice

    Email if you want variance in winding or a discussion . I did it all on the order page , as that which I wanted was all just on the order page . The magnets are on the order pages , but it's a bit of fishing to find them though .
  12. Archtopanimal

    Wolfetone's Whopping 25% Off Sale Until Further Notice

    You can ask for potted or unpotted and altered winding . All my stuff over the years got to Australia with no problem and the bubble wrap was fine . Wolfe knows how to pack so that nothing in the box whacks anything else if it's dropped . His freight value is good too . Make sure you order some...
  13. Archtopanimal

    2021 R9 Finish Bleeding into Binding

    It's the crap Nitro mix they use . Doesn't happen on originals . Historics don't fade much at all . They're Historic in name only . Decent Replicas are a better avenue .
  14. Archtopanimal

    Beauty of the burst book

    BOTB is totally rubbish for photo colours . The whole darn book are tints of orange . Ugh !
  15. Archtopanimal

    Gibson Slash 2021 Left handed - QC blunder?

    " However it’s THAT good a guitar that id rather keep it as I know I’d be chasing a ghost tonally, visually and playability wise if it went. " So why are you even bothering folk with this thread ?
  16. Archtopanimal

    UK Bridport meet, May 2013 - PHOTOS & VIDS

    Thanks John :)
  17. Archtopanimal

    UK Bridport meet, May 2013 - PHOTOS & VIDS

    Why were so many photos deleated ?
  18. Archtopanimal

    Bye guys, it was fun.

    I've approached the situation on a few Sites over the years like that . It does work . Hang in there for the information . It's fun !
  19. Archtopanimal

    '59 Burst delivered to its new owner

    They sound better through Fenders and Marshalls . I keep the DC30 for my Tele . Humbuckers overpower that amp , and Jamie designs all his amps using a Strat style for voicing and pre-ship testing .
  20. Archtopanimal

    '52 Goldtop survives tornado, just...It's just a scratch!

    Gibson just want to sell new stuff . They're not interested in the restoration/replica avenues .

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