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  1. LongBeach


    07 GOTW34 Standard, 50's neck, 57 neck, 57+ bridge, Antique Vintage Burst. Chambered, only flaw is a horizontal stain on the back below the neck from a crap stand. Played this one probably a dozen time, great guitar, I just don't play it. $1,600 buyer pays shipping. HSC, came with a tr wrench.
  2. LongBeach

    04 Explorer

    Took a shot in the dark and picked up an Explorer from a forum member. So, you've seen it before, my pics suck, and are huge. Had it for a week or so, and.......I love it. Grabbed a wall hanger at GC years ago, tinkered with it for a few minutes, and wasn't impressed. (duh, wall hanger...
  3. LongBeach

    David Hungate

    I have no idea how to transfer the picture, cant get photobucket to take it off my e-mail. Anyway, I found this to be an interesting short read. The Hungate family and my family have been great friends for as far back as I can remember. David's dad and my grandfather (Toley mentioned in the...
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    Not trying to bum everyone out.

    But, what I'm about to note is just sad: Wilson High School, Long Beach, Ca. last night After the football game, the normal big crowd was leaving the field on their way back to their cars. Some dumb-shits pulled up in the street, starting firing off rounds into the crow. Now, my tv is...
  5. LongBeach

    MLB anyone

    Who's watching today, and what are your thoughts :hmm: Go Angeles? :cool: I'm a St. Louis Cardinals fan personally, but the Dodger's sent us packing. When my son and I go to ball games, we go watch the Angeles, great stadium, great crowd. Reminds me allot of St. Louis.
  6. LongBeach

    Tweeked an R0

    big pic shots, start to finish USPS showed up. What could it be :hmm: Stoked :dude: Hab's :dude: Where to put them :hmm: 09 R0 Getting the table set Gut Done - Stoked :dude:
  7. LongBeach

    Tool AIC Aug 22nd LA

    Here's my sketchy review of last nights show. Alice In Chains: BAD-ASS! The new singer does a pretty good job on the old songs, what he couldnt do, Cantrell filled the void with his voice. Cantrell was flawless, never missed a note. The crowd went absolutely apeshit when they hit the...
  8. LongBeach

    New family member

    I've been fighting this urge for quite some time. My son has been begging for a dog for years. Finally broke down and adopted an 8 week old German Sherpherd last Sat. from a GS Rescue. She wasnt abused, just not wanted. She's one of the most laid-back puppies I've ever had. Here's Chloe...
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    Tool So. Cal. august

    anybody going? August 22nd at the Fairplex in Pomona? Got my tickets this morning. YouTube - Forty Six & 2 - Tool YouTube - Tool - Prison Sex [hq - fullscreen]
  10. LongBeach

    09 R0 crap pics

    My pics are crap. Camera just wont work with me on indoor shots. I will do my best to get some better outdoor pics tomorrow. Top: 08 R0 Ice Tea BB (for comparison) Bottom: 09 R0 Faded Tobacco, DB I really didnt realize how close they were until I got the 09 home. Saul called me (out of...
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    We just had the worst earthquake I've ever felt. Located in very close, 5.0 15 seconds long, took off running about 2 seconds into it.
  12. LongBeach

    New T Shirt You Say?

    Eaglewolf was kind enough to pick ME up one of these! :applause: Great guy, had a good time shooting the sh**t.
  13. LongBeach

    Beach Cruisers

    Now I saw the bmx thread, and posted, my son is way into them now. But, as one gets older, the need to "sit down" tends to play a pretty big role in bike riding. So, this probably is more directed at folks that live in beach communities. Below is a pic of my Nirve "Street King" got a 3" back...
  14. LongBeach

    Gloomy So Cal

    I'm not bitching, well, yes I am. Been raining the last couple days. It rained a month or so ago, and I thought that was it. Here's a shot off my balcony this morning, rather cool outside, about 65 degree's give or take.
  15. LongBeach

    CS Ebony V

    I was in San Diego a couple weeks ago, CC Music had an Ebony, CS V w/ chrome hardware, split diamond on the headstock. Like a dumb-shit, I didnt take any pics. Now, I've looked all over the web and cannot find that this V even exists? It was absolutely stunning. Bit pricy, so I passed...
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    I did a search, and couldnt find the answer to my question. So, here I go. I have a CS that I want to replace the bridge pup. The existing 498 (I presume) has the 1 metal woven wire. The replacement is the 4 wire type, and it is a Gibson pup. Do I solder all 3 wires to the 1 post the...
  17. LongBeach

    Jeff Beck Oxblood

    You can read the write up on Gibson site. It was a little bleak, 150 total made, MSRP of $8,000 and some change (DAMN!). Oxblood, VOS He plays each one, signs each one, custom case with his silkscreened logo. It didnt note the hardware spec's on the page I looked at. oh ya, almost forgot...
  18. LongBeach

    Can I get into NAMM

    I was just getting the opening time, etc. and it notes trade show only, not open to the public. I am the PUBLIC!
  19. LongBeach

    Lone Star Special anyone?

    got one? I'm going to be honest here, my first amp was a $70.00 Johnson RepTone 15, then a Marshall MG50. This is my first tube amp and it's got more damn gidgets & gadgets! I'm going to have to read the manual at least 10 more times. But, so far, half-ass dialed in, all I can say is wow...
  20. LongBeach

    my R0 finally got a friend

    this should probably go in another section, but, oh well. On my way out of town today, headed or Centre City Music in San Diego. Flipped a U-eeh, went to hollywood instead. Da, Boogie Outlet - Lone Star Special 4 X 10, damn thing's got more gadget's :hmm: Anyway, half-ass dialed in, R0 sounds...