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  1. T Willis

    1959 Gibson Les Paul Junior

    Has one! Thanks Dan @ Mojoaxe!
  2. T Willis

    1959 Gibson Les Paul Junior

    Hey everyone! Just picked up my ‘59 Junior from getting restored. Supposedly this guitar toured with Hank Jr for a period of time. Needed some work, but all in all it turned out how I wanted it. Merry Christmas!
  3. T Willis

    SOLD Kenny Wayne Shepherd MIM Stratocaster- Rare and in Exc shape

    Great guitars. I had the whole set.
  4. T Willis

    R8 neck thickness through the years?

    I have a 2005 R8 and it’s chubby. Listed it for sale. Just too much neck for me. Amazing guitar though.
  5. T Willis

    Gibson Les Paul Junior Cases

    How’s the quality on these? I’ve been wondering about this seller. I may buy one that he offers for my old SG Special too. I suppose you could affix an old brass Gibson badge if you want the extra cool factor…. sorry, that’s my inner corksniffer speaking. HaHa
  6. T Willis

    Gibson Les Paul Junior Cases

    At luthiers getting some work done. Should have it back soon! Looks very similar to this…
  7. T Willis

    Gibson Les Paul Junior Cases

    Looking around for a case to house my 1959 Junior DC. I'm kind of thinking it would be cool to get a Custom Shop Historic/ Lifton, etc case. Do any of you ever come across these for Juniors? Having a hard time finding one. Really not interested in an original alligator as I have a couple...
  8. T Willis

    How to protect autograph on guitar?

    Great info. I have about 10-12 signed guitars that I’ve been curious about how to protect. So, the light coat is the key to the sharpie not reacting and smearing/ running?
  9. T Willis

    SG Reissue Case

    I’m in the same boat. Would like to get one of these for 1964 SG Special. Not much luck finding anything outside of the standard cases.
  10. T Willis

    What pickups are in your Les Pauls ?

    Too many to list but here's a few.... 2016 Gibson R0 Wizz PAFs 2020 Gibson R9 M2M Custombuckers 1971 Gibson LP Custom Brandonwound T-Top Clones 1959 Gibson LP Junior Tyson Tone Dogear 1959 Gibson LP Special original P90s
  11. T Willis

    Korina GT R7 to Lemonburst R9 HM makeover

    Turned out amazing. Nice job HM!
  12. T Willis

    What's your Les Paul neck preference?

    Whatever my hand tells me feels great when I grab it. Typically, for me, that's a early/ mid 60's. However, my 1959 Junior neck feels amazing to me. I've to learned to just get around on different necks. Unless it's a baseball bat..... that doesn't work at all for me.
  13. T Willis

    What's your Les Paul neck preference?

  14. T Willis

    Jingle Bell Blues

    At its pinnacle!
  15. T Willis

    NVGD: 59' Junior - But Really a "Crack Versus Check" Question

    I have a '59 Special with a very similar blemish. It appears to be in the finish but is very hard to tell.
  16. T Willis

    Jingle Bell Blues

    He always has cool album artwork. Probably should get the Red 45 for the collection.
  17. T Willis

    Customs vs Historics which one is the better guitar?

    I've had a few newer Custom Shops. All have been nothing short of really great guitars. I'm not crazy about the nut work on my 2020 R9 but aside from that, it's a killer. I have a 1971 Custom that's been rode, but absolutely love that guitar and all of it's 10lbs of pancaked wood! :cheers2:
  18. T Willis

    Advice needed! 2016 G0 Trade in for 2006 R7 Darkback Goldtop

    You have a really great looking G0 there. Definitely one of the better tops that I've seen on one. I have an almost identical 2016 G0 as well. Mine has been completely upgraded with proper wiring/ caps, Wizz pickups, more vintage spec plastics and so on. It's a killer. I've thought about...
  19. T Willis

    59 Reissue Les Paul in Church

    That's the silliest thing I've heard yet today. What kind of church do you attend?

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