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  1. afjungemann

    For Sale: 2011 Melody Maker with p90s

    Hey guys, selling my Melody Maker. This is from the run they did for I think 3 or 4 years ending around 2011. Open pore finish. I rubbed on a thin layer of tru oil and buffed it to give it a better sheen. Only real blemish I see is on the back of the neck. Small indent but not noticeable while...
  2. afjungemann

    Price drop: Gold Bigsby B3 with Towner Tension Bar

    I bought this a few years ago and had it installed on a guitar for a couple weeks but then got a guitar with a B7 so this went back in the box and hasn't been used since. It comes with the towner tension bar as well which includes the plugs for the screw holes in the hinge plate but the unused...
  3. afjungemann

    For Sale : Two Notes Torpedo Live

    I bought this a few years ago 2nd hand from a guy who had it shortly before selling to me but I never really got around to using it much so it sat in its box for a few years. I plugged it in the other day and recorded with it. Works great for silent practice and recording. $600 shipped Feel...
  4. afjungemann

    Reflector knobs with bridge middle neck labels

    Does anyone know if there is a place to buy black reflector knobs (preferably gold reflector) with bridge, middle, and neck labels instead of just volume or tone?
  5. afjungemann

    FS : JHS Sweet Tea V3

    Awesome Marshall in a box type pedal. This one fuses the JCM800'ish era Marshall with a tube screamer with the flexibility to run the OD in front or after the amp section. Super clean and comes with original box, catalog, rubber feet on the sticky pad and a JHS gravity pick. $235 shipped
  6. afjungemann

    NGD | Fender American Original 60s... kind of...

    I had posted a photo of this guitar in another thread but some things have changed a little so now it deserves its own thread. I have been wanting a double bound tele but with a maple board so I figured I would kind of assemble my own. I bought an American original 60s in fiesta red and then...
  7. afjungemann

    For Sale or Trade: Orange TH30 combo

    Selling my TH30 combo. Fresh tubes in it and comes with a slip cover. $750 + shipping. Only trades I would be interested in would be a Marshall SV20 (head or combo) or an American original 50s Strat (+ cash on my end).
  8. afjungemann

    FS | Strymon OB.1 compressor

    Selling my OB.1 compressor. Fantastic compressor, only selling to pick up a compadre. This is considered a studio compressor I believe but at full setting, it is a really nice squashed country comp. Dipswitches inside let you shape it even more. $155 shipped ($155 net to me if you are using PayPal)
  9. afjungemann

    adjusting ES330 pickup out put

    I played a 330 the other day. Wow, it was just plain wonderful to play. However I did notice the neck pickup was way louder than the bridge. Other than rolling the volume off of the neck pickup, how do you guys adjust the pickup volume differences on dog ear P90s?
  10. afjungemann

    Bigsby B7 swap time trapeze

    Mostly just curious but would a trapeze tail piece mounting holes line up with a bigsby B7 mounting holes by the strap peg?
  11. afjungemann

    FS | Strymon DIG dual delay

    Selling my DIG delay. This is a pretty cool delay. It can be a single delay or can also have a second independent/patterned delay going as well. I am only selling because I have the Brigadier as well and prefer that pedal. In great condition. Comes with original power supply and box. $235 (net)...
  12. afjungemann

    FS | Strymon Orbit

    I have a well cared for Strymon Orbit for sale. It is in very nice condition. I mounted it to my home pedal board to figure out and never ended up adding it to my main board so it hasn't really been bounced around. Comes with original power supply and box. $235 (net) shipped. possible partial...
  13. afjungemann

    FS/FT | G12t-75

    I have a pair of unused G12t-75 16 ohm speakers. They were pulled from a brand new cab before it was ever used so they are not broken in. I am mostly looking to trade for a set of 8ohm greenbacks or 8 ohm eminence CV75's. If you are wanting to buy them outright, I would do $180 net for the pair.
  14. afjungemann

    ABR1 on Nashville posts?

    The new LP standard with P90s (and perhaps the others... haven’t checked those specifically) has an ABR1 but it looks to use Nashville posts. Is that the case or do they have something different going on?
  15. afjungemann

    Fleetwood Mac

    I saw Fleetwood Mac last night. I have been to a lot of concerts but that one will stick with me for quite a long time. Just incredible hearing what a group of musicians can really do.
  16. afjungemann

    How Do You Decide to Sell a Guitar?

    I have long dreamt of guitars I would want, like a Les Paul Custom or a 355, and have slowly been checking them off my list as deals come along but now I am feeling like I have too many guitars. I can’t really pin point any guitar I could part with but yet I am tripping over cases left and...
  17. afjungemann

    NPD | Strymon Deco

    I have had quite a bit of experience with Strymons. I have always loved how much you could do with them simple enough. That is until I got the Orbit pedal. I just didn't ever get the sound I wanted and if I ever got close, I would quickly lose it just by adjusting the wrong knob. I then heard...
  18. afjungemann

    Does a custom appointed 330 exist?

    I have never been able to find anything on the internet but has Gibson ever made a 330 that has an ebony board, block inlays, multiply binding, etc? Seems like they would have at some point.
  19. afjungemann

    P90 355 in the hands of a god

    I was curios if a p90 equipped 355 existed and then I stumble upon my favorite youtube player playing one. How does this have just over 1,000 views??? Should have 100x that. Anyway... enjoy.
  20. afjungemann

    I have regret...

    I almost pulled the trigger on a gold top es les Paul with p90’s and a bigsby when CMe had them on sale for $1400 over a weekend sale. I had bought a 355 on the same sale and thought I would be smarter to just enjoy what I have. I have been feeling a bit blue missing out on that deal. Would...

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