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  1. LongBeach

    What do you want from the bar tonight? I'm buying

    Buffalo Trace, short glass, ice, splash of water.
  2. LongBeach

    Which Year Classics Have The Snottiest Green Inlays?

    I had a 05, and they were wayyyyyy green! Got a pic in here somewhere
  3. LongBeach

    Crypto and digital currency discussion.

    My son has been researching this for a couple years (works for USC) he hasn't told me to pull the trigger yet.
  4. LongBeach

    ATVs, dirtbikes on city streets

    I have a 76 EXACTLY like that one, along with a 1978 KE 175
  5. LongBeach

    ATVs, dirtbikes on city streets

    I live in a rural town in the midwest, population 442. (these days) Kids ride their atv's and dirt bikes around town all the time, no helmets, at dusk, no lights, etc. Drives me nuts. I don't want the kids to not have fun, but for pete's sake, put on a damn helmet.
  6. LongBeach

    Sippin' some bourbon

    Basil Hayden's and Woodford's are really good. If you run across it, try Legent, new company, one dude is an ex-master distiller from Jim Beam, other guy is a Japanese master whiskey blender. I love the stuff! It's roughly $30 out the door
  7. LongBeach

    Sippin' some bourbon

    Buffalo Trace is my go too. Small batch Four Roses, 1792, Eagle Rare, B&H, Elijah Craig, all good ones in my book. Bullet and Knob Creek I enjoy as well. All the Welller's and Blanton's - they've blown out of proportion. ($100-$200 and up a bottle) Weller's, MSRP is $26 - so they can cram those...
  8. LongBeach

    Goodbye California - Hello Florida

    I left 5 years ago, after spending 20 in LA. With the exception of the weather, I miss nothing about that place. Now, I moved back to the midwest, where it's a sizzing 13 degrees today! lol
  9. LongBeach

    the legend lives on...

    I'm in Mo. been in the 70's, now rain and cold front moving in. I hate winter!!! lol
  10. LongBeach

    Gibson Custom case 2004 - 2012 with black lining

    the lining in my 08 68RI is black.
  11. LongBeach

    John 5...Odd fellow but....DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I saw him with Zombie a year or two ago, dude was spot-on!
  12. LongBeach

    Moving to hell

    I spend 20 years in So. Ca. that was enough. Good luck!
  13. LongBeach

    What goes up - moto hill climb content

    to many flat/slick rocks once you got 3/4 of the way up.
  14. LongBeach

    Adam Jones Signature LP Custom

    I had an 08 CS Silverburst, beautiful guitar, but to pretty to modify in my book. traded it in for another PT R0 I think A.J. is bad-ass, but I aint paying that!!!
  15. LongBeach

    The Thrill Is Gone?

    That was horrible! but I did get a good laugh out of it!
  16. LongBeach

    Similar to the "snowflake" thread.....This actually happened ....

    sometimes, you just cant fix stupid......
  17. LongBeach

    '68 Reissue

    Saw a new thread for 68's and resurrected this one!!
  18. LongBeach

    NGD ‘07 Custom ‘68 RI

    Congrats! I've got an 08 ebony that I've loved since day 1
  19. LongBeach

    Just Looking For Car Color Opinions (Poll)

    Ya, mine has the original 390 w/ 4 barrel, but, it's only 325 hp, fun to drive, but not a rocket by any means.
  20. LongBeach

    Just Looking For Car Color Opinions (Poll)

    I'd go back to the original blue. I've got a 68 XR7 that was blue, I had it stripped and painted back to the original Highland Green.

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