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  1. martin H

    Les Paul's Number One goes for $930,000 at Christie's

    if this was his first Les Paul from the factory, I assume its the one he received and, by his own account, immediately called the factory and told them the neck pitch was wrong and the action was too high to be useful. Seems to me like a dubious thing to own , but someone who had $900,000...
  2. martin H

    Pagey’s Black Beauty Custom is $20,000?

    I agree that criticizing and individual seller in this way is overboard. I reserve, however, the right to rail against what I see as the values and mores of "collectors" becoming the values of musicians. I get the feeling that some folks spend more time tracking the recent sale prices of...
  3. martin H

    New pedal break-in?

    The phrase "burn in" originally arose in terms of production electronics QC . Most component failures occur within with a few hours of first being powered up, or towards the expected end of the component's life. it was considered good QC practice to "burn in" electronic equipment by running...
  4. martin H

    Anyone turned their Neck pickup upside down?

    did you rotate it left to right, right to left, or front to back?
  5. martin H

    R9 More difficult to bend than R8

    This may be due to raising the tailpiece, I’ve thought about this issue for a long time, and the conclusion I’ve come to is this: The theory is that raising the tailpiece reduces the downforce on the bridge saddles, and allows the sting to slide in the saddle towards the nut when you bend...
  6. martin H

    I got too much shit

    Not yet. The attic beams have not quite reached the point of maximum stress where they will crack and precipitate a shower of s*** consisting of bad loudspeakers ( waiting for a recone) totes full of possibly bad cords ( will check/repair them "when I get time") Crappy bodes and necks that...
  7. martin H

    So this is the new Gibson, sure looks like the old Gibson to me!

    That is part of the legacy of Henry J and his Harvard Business School training. "Get rid of as many high-cost high-benefit skilled workers (like folks with luthier skills) as possible. Design industrial processes so the same work can be carried out by a cheap, mobile and unskilled workforce...
  8. martin H

    A small rant about Gibson pickups from a Gibson fan

    The only bit of that i disagree with is the bit about "wrapping a better pickup." Assuming he is talking about the physical act of winding, this is a purely mechanical process. A CNC winder can competently reproduce the movements, tensions etc. of a human winding a pickup. To argue that the...
  9. martin H

    Why is it called a stand by switch?

    IMO, in terms of electrical necessity, whatever use it had disappeared about 60 years ago. My understanding is that it was originally linked to the behavior of a certain tube rectifier when it first starts up, coupled with some under-rated HT smoothing capacitors. It's not found anywhere in...
  10. martin H

    Appeal of ABR-1 vs. Nashville style bridges (and vice versa)

    I'm not sure how we balance the strong preference for the Nashville bridge here with the other side of the board that belive that any design change after 1960 was detrimental to "tone."
  11. martin H

    If you had to pick only one position ....

    I'm curious what pickups the folks who get more "treble" in the bridge position are using. My 72 has 490s in it, and I would not describe the bridge pickup as having "more treble" that the neck . On mine, the neck has more top and bottom, while the bridge has more midrange. Maybe its just...
  12. martin H

    Ohhh sweet Lord who would do this??? (SiIverburst Abuse - be warned)

    What is an 82 custom with a refinish worth? How much will it cost to get this one re-finished? Did they sand into the top when removing the finish? Add up the numbers and I'd say it's worth $1,800-2,000.
  13. martin H

    How about this... thing? 1955 Les Paul Jr. with EMG and Floyd Rose...

    Probably fun to play . May intonate better than with the original bridge . When did guitar players become antique collectors?
  14. martin H

    What’s the deal with relic guitars

    I'm surprised this hasn't turned more rancorous than it has. I think everyone is pretty much burned out on the question of whether this is a good or a bad thing, and have decided its just a matter of individual taste, rather like the question of whether the Gecko burst looks good or not. (...
  15. martin H

    1953 Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop guitar factory converted in 1959/1960 to "Burst." Photo intense!!!

    Call the Federal Trade commission ( which enforces the truth-in-advertising laws), and explain that you think it should be lifted as a 60 not a 59. I can assure you they will not be in the slightest interested.
  16. martin H

    Could Chibsons Ever Become Undetectable?

    As I remember the sign ( which was seen a lot in electrical repair shops the UK in the 70s) We can do three type of work: GOOD, CHEAP and QUICK; but we cannot do all three at once. IF it is GOOD and CHEAP it will not be QUICK IF it is GOOD and QUICK it will not be CHEAP IF it is CHEAP and...
  17. martin H

    Scrap your old car for public transport credits.

    Describing driving in most UK city centers as "movement" is a bit optimistic.
  18. martin H

    How tube amps work. An essay, by M&M.

    And I say you are wrong sir ! Especially the part about the peak inverse voltage rating of the rectifier. 1,000v PIV is entirely adequate for these applications.
  19. martin H

    Signature Models

    Generally because: [1] Modern marketing practice requires a constant stream of "new" models, and it's hard to wring that many changes out of the same Les Paul/Strat/Tele template. [2] They command premium prices, but often don't cost much more to manufacture . [3] In my (cynical) opinion...
  20. martin H

    No break for Texans

    As a lawyer, I'd say the answer is "seldom." And not just consumers either. I've seen large businesses sign contracts that no one in their right minds would sign. Real life example: " So,: the contract says that any dispute must be arbitrated in the state or country where the material...

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