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  1. Axis39

    Painting tobacco burst

    I would suggest you buff the whole guitar glossy first, no matter what. Then, you could go one of two ways. 1. You could gently sand/polish back the area you want the gloss cut back. My serious advice here is go much higher grit and lighter than you think you should, checking often... And...
  2. Axis39

    Any experience Gretsch players out there?

    I have an '05 5127 and an '08 6129TLS. My 5127 is a predecessor to the guitar you've asked about. It is one of my favorite guitars fo all time, actually. But, it's a full hollow, with single coils, so a bit different than the one you've asked about. Build, fit and finish were decent for an...
  3. Axis39

    What current models have 57 paf? Pics

    It was mid 10 lbs.... My current LP weighs 7 lbs 6 oz. Funny how 3 lbs makes such a big difference. But, I have a really bad back and can't do a 10 lb guitar at a 3 hour gig and more.
  4. Axis39

    Taking a gloss nitrocellulose lacquer finish down to a VOS low lustre?

    Soft cloth and some fine rubbing compound.... Go over the guitar like you think it would be effected if played. In other words, wiggle around where the knobs are, around where an arm would rub on the upper bout. Rub it around where the palm would rest on the bridge and surrounding finish...
  5. Axis39

    What current models have 57 paf? Pics

    I had an '08 Traditional that came with a 57/57+ set. I loved them from the very first note! I had been chasing a tone.... A tone I had experienced a number of years before. It was while buying a 1968 ES-340, and I got the chance to try out a real 1957 (refin'd, but all original parts)...
  6. Axis39

    What sounds better than a Les Paul + OCD + Tweed?

    I am on the wrong coast to take pictures... But, I am partial to my Custom Lite, my '58 Twin and a Keeley Fuzz Head (Or a Tim, a BOG Fuzz, a Lovepedal Mk ii, etc.....)
  7. Axis39

    Marshall Origin 20C

    Sorry to be so late in popping in... I've had mine a couple of years and love it. Early ZZ Top? Maybe not that much gain straight outta the amp, but probably close. The 20C definitely cops that JTM45 sound, not the SL tone Gibbons had going on. It's more like late 60's Beck or Page, with...
  8. Axis39

    GIBSON L6S or Midnight Special series...

    I had a '76. Got it in the early 90's. I never really bonded with it. It was one of the few regrets I have over music gear, because I traded away the best Strat I've ever owned for it... Thinking I would get the LP sound. I played it a little bit, then it sat in it's case for years and...
  9. Axis39

    Looking to try some new strings

    I play D'Addarios for along time, then switched to DR Pure Blues. Loved them, but they had an issue a few years ago with a bunch of packs with strings that broke too easily. I looked around and settled on Thomastik Infled Jazz Swing 10's. Yeah, they're flat wounds. Yeah, they're expensive...
  10. Axis39

    Chambered Gold Top P90 with 50s neck?

    I have a Les+ P-90 gold top that's a fantastic guitar. Mine is a 2015, so has some non-standard features. But, I love everything about the guitar. It's a beautiful Gold Top, with a 50's depth neck (and wider 2015 zero fret nut and fingerboard) that has a skinny body and weighs in at 7 lbs 4...
  11. Axis39

    Flat wound recommendations

    I haven't tried the Rotosounds... I really disliked Chromes, the D'Addario offerings. Thomastik Infleds changed my life. I use Jazz Swings on almost all of my electric guitars now.
  12. Axis39

    Les Paul pickup selector crackling. Pick guard static.

    Funny, I seem to have had more issues with static when I lived in Virginia.... But, only a few months out of the year. Some of my guitars got static crackling off the finish! I could run my hand up and down the back fo the neck and it sounded like I was setting off fireworks. Npw that I've...
  13. Axis39

    Flat wound recommendations

    I gotta disagree with @blueandgold and @dodona, I can't stand D'Addario Chromes. But, that's why they make different flavors of other things, too, yeah? LOL I have found T-I's sound great from the get-go, and last 12 to 18 months of regular gigging. They retain tone to the end. It's when...
  14. Axis39

    5e3 cabinet...hardware?

    I have purchased a lot of these items form Amplified Parts and a few other vendors. I built bigger amps, and used grommets on the back panels. I was also looking at doing accurate repros, so bought the stuff designed/specified, i.e. back panel screws, baffle screws, etc. You can buy generic...
  15. Axis39

    NGD - 2015 Gibson Les Paul Less Plus+

    I have a '15 Less+ P-90 (gold top) and it's one of my favorite guitars of all time! A lot of folks don't like the '15 anomalies. But, I love most of the things about them (only thing I don't really care for is the hologram sticker). I actually like the uniqueness. Only thing you need to...
  16. Axis39

    Marshall new 20 Watt advice, DSL 20 head vs Origin 20 head

    Being mostly a Fender guy, my first foray into Marshall ownership is an Origin 20C. I've played other people's DSLs, but never had the chance to really sit and tweak them. That being the case, I've never fully warmed to the DSLs, either. But, the first time I plugged into an Origin, I knew...
  17. Axis39

    2015 Les Paul Less Plus - thoughts 4 years later?

    Played my Custom Light at practice yesterday. Love that gutiar!
  18. Axis39

    Suitable padding for a guitar stand?

    When I built my guitar cabinet, I used crushed velvet. So far, so good. I used black to show off my guitars. I may still put some kind of material one the contact points (I used weather stripping underneath the velvet). When I build my folding stands, I like leather. I picked up some nice...
  19. Axis39

    2015 Les Paul Less+

    That's weird. That is the titanium one, by the way.... I will have to go check mine when I get back home in a couple weeks.
  20. Axis39

    The Custom Lite

    I love my '13 Sam Ash, rosewood board, and regular headstock inlay be damned! LOL It has a nice 50's carve the fills the hand nicely. It is well made and finely finished. It had 490/498 pickups in it, that I just never cared for. So, went with some custom pickups. The rosewood on mine is...

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