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    2018 R8

    This thread is for the general discussion of the guitar 2018 R8. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. 2018 R8

    2018 R8

    Just got this 2018 R8 from Really Great Guitars in England. I was not intending buying just yet but it was such a nice Guitar and I got a good deal from Andy the proprietor that I had to have it. I am not much of a player but treated myself as a retirement present and will leave it to my Son...
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    Newer or older Gibson R8?

    Hi Guys n Gals, Looking to buy a used R8 anytime soon as a retirement present to myself. Not a good player by a long chalk but always fancied an R8 and intend leaving it for my son when I start lessons on a harp! lots of R8’s for sale and prices are virtually the same for a 2007 model and 2017...
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    Where are all of the “affordable” Reissues

    Prices start around £2500 for a decent R8 here in Uk (I live on the Isle of Man) and that’s pretty much any year R9’s around £3200 R0’s are quite rare Guitars from USA on eBay are a bit cheaper but postage pushes the price up and it’s a bit more difficult to get your money back if you don’t...
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    If you could choose just one....

    Dimebag Darrell, lucky enough to see Pantera at Brixton academy he was awesome!!

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