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  1. Belvedere

    Yamaha SG1820, SJ1802, SG2000, etc.

    I have an SG1820. Great guitar.
  2. Belvedere

    Delay Recommendations

    Had one for years, fantastic all around pedal. For the price, it's incredible. Sold mine when the nemesis arrived (costs 3 times the TC).
  3. Belvedere

    Delay Recommendations

    I have one on my board. It's a great sounding pedal, very easy to use. Great bang for the buck.
  4. Belvedere

    Your Effects Pedalboard !!! Pics !!!

    Well this is my last version. Pretty happy whit it, all my live needs are covered. Only wah or expression pedal are out of the board, but I don't use them all the time anyway. Zuma under the tier. Happy new year you guys!
  5. Belvedere

    Your Preference In Les Paul Neck Pickup Tone?

    I'm in the SD 59 stable too. Perfect all around pup for my needs. Weeks of work for the right setup but then... that's it,
  6. Belvedere

    Wolfetone Pickup Question?

    In general Wolfetones > Throbaks imho. Very humble opinion.
  7. Belvedere

    That Pedal Show

    I really loved the episode with Mark Lettieri. One of my fav atm.
  8. Belvedere

    MIJ 335's

  9. Belvedere

    Awesome Pedals!

    Yeah great pedals!
  10. Belvedere

    FS Ibanez Jet King III - 2009 Limited edition

    SOLD. Can be closed.
  11. Belvedere

    Delay Pedal, what do you guys like?

    Source Audio Nemesis Delay is my actual delay of choice. And it has been for two years now.
  12. Belvedere

    Customizing a pedal case?

  13. Belvedere

    So...Looking for a Talk Box type pedal.....

    Maybe an electro harmonix cock fight? It has a talk setting.
  14. Belvedere

    Tuner pedal recommendations

    Sonic Research Turbo Tuner ST-200/ST-300. Best tuner i've tried so far.
  15. Belvedere

    Yamaha MSG Standard... Martyn Booth

    As far as I know Images (standard, deluxe, special and custom) were all made in taiwan 1989 - 1994.
  16. Belvedere

    Your oldest pedal?

    My RAT, '84, we share the same age.
  17. Belvedere

    A guitar comfortable for strapping high, closest to that LP feel/tone

    Yeah, try a yamaha revstar or reverend sensei.
  18. Belvedere

    Donner flat patch cables

    Cool but maybe not functional for top mounted jacks pedals?
  19. Belvedere

    Your Effects Pedalboard !!! Pics !!!

    This is this week incarnation for the upcoming dates (there's a Zuma under the tier). I've reached max capacity for my old homemade board and I'm tired to rearrange the pedals everytime I have to fit something different for different projects. Maybe I'll move to a bigger board where I can place...
  20. Belvedere

    Best distortion pedal for an acoustic guitar?

    I used the piezo in my acoustic (with the sound hole cover) through the crunch channel in my SS amp. It was decent, a lot better than pedals. An amp sim pedal should do the trick,

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