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  1. AJK1

    LPC should have it’s own section

    Administrators please note: Can we have a section for LPC only as we’d like to go to the one spot for all things LPC It’s such an iconic cult like guitar that needs its own place Cheers
  2. AJK1

    What collectible Les Paul should I buy now?

    I just bought a Silverburst which seems to be collectible and fairly rare so what other Les Paul would be a good investment for a budget of $4500 USD I already have a White Custom and a R9 60th I’m in Australia by the way I like plain top R8 cherry’s And I also saw a Mint Les Paul Supreme that...
  3. AJK1

    NGD 2011 Gibson LPC Silverburst

    Got it today Bought it from a guy who bought it new in 2011 Has Bare Knuckle Rebel Yell pickups and a Tusq XL nut The pickups sound great and have a really nice tight bottom end and yet are quite clean and articulate Probably why Steve Stevens helped design them like that It was a spontaneous...
  4. AJK1

    How old are Historic and RI owners?

    I’m interested in the ages of the owners of these instruments I’m 58
  5. AJK1

    Marshall DSL5C speaker upgrade

    I just bought a new DSL5 Combo as my practice amp, and upgraded the standard speaker with a Celestion Creamback Made in UK What a difference ! Much nicer clean tones, fuller and richer On the Overdrive channel it fattens things up and takes a lot of the fizz out of the distortion, makes for a...
  6. AJK1

    What pickups are in your Les Pauls ?

    Just curious to see what pickups are out there in your Les Pauls I currently have: SDuncan CS Pearly Gates-Unpotted Tokai 70th Anniv LP Brown Sunburst Gibson Custombuckers-Unpotted Gibson R9 60th Royal Teaburst SDuncan CS Bonamassa Amos-Unpotted Gibson Custom Shop Custom LP White
  7. AJK1

    Modding and keeping my new Classic

    Ripping out PCB, jack and switch and pickups and replacing everything with new wiring harness, Jack , switch and new SD Custom Shop Angus Young High Voltage pickups going in
  8. AJK1

    JB Amos pickups going in my Custom

    Ordered them from the JB shop and received them yesterday Replica Gold Going in my new 2020 White Custom on Monday I haven’t found any reviews or other details about them Anyone know if they are Unpotted ? The current 498/490 set are good but I wanted something different for the Custom
  9. AJK1

    2020 Gibson Classic Short or long pots ?

    I’m considering changing out the pickups and PCB harness out of my 2020 Classic When buying a prewired harness should I get short or long pots for this model ?
  10. AJK1

    Got me a New Custom today

  11. AJK1

    10k to spend what should I buy ?

    I just bought a Gibson Sheryl Crow and a 2021 Cherry Classic but now I want another LP to add to the others But this one will be Up to 10k Suggestions ?
  12. AJK1

    2020 LP Classic pickups opinion

    I bought a Translucent Cherry Classic two days ago on a whim and am very happy with it but the jury is out on the pickups I like all the switchable vol and tone features etc but I’m not sure if I like the pickups so much in comparison to my other LP’s Anyone else here got any real world...
  13. AJK1

    What magnets in famous LP ?

    Can anyone tell by listening what magnets are in famous Burst LP played by my fave guitarists such as Page Gibbons Clapton Beck Allman Bloomfield Taylor Green I’d be interested to see what people think/ know about their guitars and what magnets contributed to their sound
  14. AJK1

    Friedman Smallbox pedal on its way

    Thought I’d indulge myself and order one What interests me is the high/low gain switch on the side of the box It’s going into my Vox AC30C2 with an extension 2x12 with Greenbacks If it’s anything like all the other Friedman products they make, it should be a cracker !
  15. AJK1

    Les Paul Heavier or Lighter ?

    What sounds better, heavier or lighter Les Pauls?
  16. AJK1

    Anyone rocking a Dookie pedal?

    I just got the V3, sounds great Anyone else here rocking one ? Comments or feedback ?
  17. AJK1

    Suhr Thornbucker

    Anyone using these ? I’m looking for a new bridge pickup for one of my LP and this popped up on my search Others I’m considering are Antiquity, Seth Lover and Duncan 59
  18. AJK1

    Mojotone Classic hummies

    Installed a set into my Tokai Jap Sunburst LP today Neck 7.47 Bridge 8.60 A2 mags in these ones Aged Nickel covers All I can say is wow, they are very clear, chimey, and have good power and definition Very balanced eq Love ‘em
  19. AJK1

    Durbano Trons in my LP

    Installed them in my sunburst and all I can say is wow They are really crisp, fat and crunchy when pushed and make my LP sound like a hot Gretsch Am thinking of putting a Duesenberg LP trem on it to complete the look and sound Thoroughly recommended and so cheap !
  20. AJK1

    Pickups in my Jap Love Rocks

    My pickups, my guitars and what band sound they remind me of using my Hiwatt amp, Greenback speakers, and Friedman Dirty Shirley pedal at various settings: SD Custom Shop Pearly Gates set - 2015 Violin Burst - ZZ TOP Bare Knuckle Abraxas set - 2017 70th Anniv Brown Burst - Thin Lizzy (Robbo)...

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