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  1. Belvedere

    FS Ibanez Jet King III - 2009 Limited edition

    Up for sale an Ibanez Jet King III, limited edition of 2009. Cream color with chrome hardware and black and red checkered pickguard. 4373812_1446303134 by Belvedere posted Feb 28, 2019 at 5:06 PM 4373812_1446303102 by Belvedere posted Feb 28, 2019 at 5:06 PM 4373812_1446303060 (1) by...
  2. Belvedere

    Hopelessly yamaholic...

    After the new addition I'm sold.
  3. Belvedere

    NGD Epiphone EJ-200 SCE

    In my hands after a complex trade... I have to admit I've never really wanted her, but it's really a great guitar for the bucks. Probably l'll keep her...
  4. Belvedere

    N3PD: TC Electronic Blast!

    Wow guys, yesterday was a nice day indeed... Went out for the Flashback but I returned home with 3 tc electronic's boxes ah! I'll try out these little bastards tonight, can't wait! :thumb:
  5. Belvedere

    A good 50W SS amp?

    Hi freaks! Since the Dual Tone is in (there are no words to explain how much I love this thing), I'm getting rid of my former main amp and looking for a nice SS backup amp with a nice clean tone that can eat my pedals good. Not a modeling amp, nothing fancy, I want a basic "plug and play" amp...
  6. Belvedere

    NPD: Ditto Looper X2

    Just arrived, can't wait to plug it in... sadly we'll be far away for the whole week end... Some crappy cell pics!
  7. Belvedere

    NGD: my first partcaster!

    Green yuhuuuu! :dude:
  8. Belvedere

    NPD: Mod Zero!

    Hi all, couldn't pass on this one! I was looking for a compact modulation machine for my board and this one seems to be the right one. We had some nice time togheter yesterday and I'm in love with the flanger side, still have to work on the chorus side to figure it out properly. Vibe is just...
  9. Belvedere

    Delay+looper suggestion

    Hi guys, for some time now I've been looking to buy a ditto looper to add in my pedalboard, but yesterday evening I was playing and after some time messin' up with my stompboxes I "decided" that my DD-6 is not really musical to my ears, I'm pretty pleased with all my other boxes atm, but there's...
  10. Belvedere

    Need help with 2 HB, 1 tone, 1 vol, 1 blend wiring

    Hi fellow tonefreaks, I need an hand with a wiring I've put in a partcaster I've recently set up (pics and ngd thread soon). This is my draft: the problem is that signal is about halved when the blend pot is in center position. Is the pot broken or what? Thanks!
  11. Belvedere

    Glorious NPD!!

    :headbanger: After the excellent results with wolfetone's P90 on my beater ibanez (thanks again to this amazing community), my pup gas gone to the stars and today is my glorious new pickups day ever!! In the mailbox all the same day!
  12. Belvedere

    P-90 advice!

    Hi guys, I've a nice JTK3 that I want to upgrade to satisfy my modding mania. Now it has stock ibanez P90 (HFS1/2), replacing them will be the first step. I've found a couple of used Wolfetone (mean+meaner) P-90 at 150 EUR (about 190 USD) that I could buy (is the price fair?), but I know very...
  13. Belvedere

    2048 guitar edition!

    Made this! Enjoy! :D
  14. Belvedere

    NGD Rickenbacker 360 75th anniversary!!

    A dream come true! :naughty:
  15. Belvedere

    NGD - Ibanez JTK3!!

    My wedding day is forthcoming already, ang my best man bought this baby for me, as a present to celebrate the oath! :dude:
  16. Belvedere

    NGD Guild (lot of pics)!!

    Hi guys, just want to show some pics of my last purchase: Guild F6 CE, my dreams come true with this acoustic! :thumb: I bought this guitar used but it's like new except for some little chink in the paint. The bridge is a little unglued but the luthier reassured me, it seems not...
  17. Belvedere

    Lapsteel fun!

    Well, I'm not a luthier, but I've built a lapsteel at home with my dad some months ago, here some pics. :) All started with a great piece of cherry! We made the case too! Hope you like it guys, I enjoy his tele sound very much. :cool:
  18. Belvedere

    Hello everyone from Italy!

    Hi guys, I'm a real LP fan and I hope to learn much form this forum! Have a nice day :thumb:

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