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  1. Lungo

    Speaking of Cars….

    The VW dealer left a voicemail this morning saying they’re interested in buying our car. We have 2 VW’s but assume they’re asking about my wife’s TDI Beetle. It’s a 2015 with just over 30k miles and we take it there for servicing. I wonder what the deal is? I’m not aware of anything like this...
  2. Lungo

    Look At This Guitar! Am I Crazy For Wanting This?

    I’ve been searching for a new guitar and really been drooling over Schecter USA Custom Shop stuff. This popped up on my search last night and I can’t stop thinking about it. The colors aren’t really my style but specs of this guitar are exactly what I want. It’s heavy, 9.2 lbs, and it has 6100...
  3. Lungo

    Your Feel Good Friday Thread

    I may have mentioned a time or two that my wife and I are involved in cat rescue. We see feral cats become tame, shy neglected cats find new homes, etc. This cat we took into our care yesterday is special though and I thought you guys/gals might enjoy the story. We got a call from a vet that...
  4. Lungo

    You People and Your Fireworks!

    It’s July 7 and people are still shooting fireworks WTF! My Christmas decorations could catch on fire!
  5. Lungo

    Schecter Apocalypse pickups

    Anyone familiar with the Apocalypse pickups that Schecter puts in some of their USA guitars? Website specs show interesting magnet configuration: Alnico V direct coupled construction combined with ceramic 8 flanking magnets I’ve never met a ceramic mag pickup I like but high output doesn’t...
  6. Lungo

    Click Here to see a REAL rosewood neck

    Since fett failed to deliver.
  7. Lungo

    Help Identifying Uniform Ribbon w/plane Device

    I’ve scoured the net and browsed through hundreds of military ribbons and devices and can’t find this. So I thought I’d draw on the vast knowledge base here and see if you guys can help out. Any clues what this is?
  8. Lungo

    You Guys Starting to Play Out Again.....

    None of you have broken strings, yell at old people, get under paid, have to give loser friends a ride, or have touching 1on1’s with a drunk patron? Are gigs that boring post pandemic or what?
  9. Lungo

    Speaking of Remakes What About Lost in Space?

    Anyone else catch the Lost in Space remake on Netflix? At first I did not like the idea of changing the Dr. Smith character but after some episodes I realized it was an improvement. The original Dr Smith was weak and predictable. The new one has all kinds of surprises up her sleeve. One thing I...
  10. Lungo

    Pending NAD, Marshall 2266c

    One of my guitar gear regrets is selling my purple Marshall Vintage modern half-stack. I’m correcting that mistake by getting the combo version. Made an eBay purchase yesterday and picking it up tonight. Got it for a great price IMO. One thing I forgot about these amps is the tendency to blow...
  11. Lungo

    Unconventional Homes.

    Came across this property for sale and curious how many of you guys would live in something like this. Makes me think of sci-fi mad scientist end of the world zombie apocalypse stuff. Wonder how much $$$ it would take to turn it into a livable home...
  12. Lungo

    Finally Solved the Buzzing

    I have been chasing a buzz in my Gibson Les Paul for a long time. I’ve re-resoldered components, swapped pots 3-4 times, swapped output jacks, and checked for continuity with a meter to ensure all connections are good and everything is grounded. It dawned on me one day that every other guitar I...
  13. Lungo

    Oregon Has Florida Beat

    Good grief.
  14. Lungo

    Origin: USA?

    I'm curious what you guys would think if you were shopping online for something and Origin: USA was included in the description? Let's make a poll, this could be fun. Here's a screen capture of the online store.
  15. Lungo

    The Pentagon Declassified UFO Videos

    I'm seeing this all over the headlines this morning.
  16. Lungo

    You Called Me?

    We all get missed phone calls right? How many of you just have to call back to see what you might have missed out on? Don’t do that anymore. They’ll leave a message if it’s important. I get these “return” calls all the time at work because all outgoing calls display our main number (which I...
  17. Lungo

    What's with this broom thing?

    Anyone else seen all the broom pictures people are floating around on social media? Seems as though they believe NASA made some report about the earth's tilt being different on one day of the year, making it possible for a broom to stand up on it's own. Truth is, the earth's tilt is always at...
  18. Lungo


    Time for some new ones.
  19. Lungo

    Rose Quarter Guitar Festival - Portland OR 11/17

    Didn't think we were getting a Fall show this year but saw this posted on Facebook this morning. Anyone else going?
  20. Lungo

    For you guys that can spot fakes:

    This is in my local craigslist. I don't know how to spot a fake that well but I'm guessing this is a MIC knock-off. What say you?

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