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  1. Geardog

    WTB: PRS SE One - TV Yellow

    I'm interested in an original, no-mods TV Yellow SE One. I think these came out in 2009 in the TVY color. Sometimes people mistake a yellowish hue amber for the TV color - but i seek only the TVY. Please PM me if you have one avaialble. Thanks.
  2. Geardog

    My Bacchus, My Baby

    It's a little late for NGD :) as my Honey here was purchased over a year ago. 1-piece mahogany back, with 2 piece Solid Maple Top, and weighs 7.5 lbs. The color is amazing to me. All was original except for the pups when I got her. And you know what, I ordered, and just received a set of...
  3. Geardog

    WANTED - PRS Korina SE One - Trans yellow

    I'm looking for a light tool around Jr. & wanted to try one of these. It has to be the Trans Yellow, which is an older model color. PM me if you like or send pics info to: info at Thanks
  4. Geardog

    My Fresher has it all, Mojo, road wear - no worries about dings

    I have had this late 70's (probably 1977, but hard to date these) for about six months. I neglected to do a NGD. Well, i was thinking of putting it up, when it feel off it's stand. Just a three inch fall mind you. The neck heel has a finish crack. The guitar had 3 neck finish cracks before. One...
  5. Geardog

    NGD - My First MIJ is a Tokai LS 50 Reborn

    It has been a long time since I've owned a Les Paul of any Brand. And never a MIJ. I've read here & other places how people love them & praise their workmanship. So I purchased Udo's Tokai LS 50. It was in customs for over a week, for which the wait was killing me. The good news to offset the...
  6. Geardog

    My Bucket List, What's yours?

    Heading into the New Year always makes me take stock of what I've done & what I want to do. What about you? My Wish list of things I'd like to happen before I leave this earth; 1. Be around for my 2 children's college graduation/marriage 2. Surf Lessons from Laird Hamilton 3...
  7. Geardog

    FS: Reverend 10th Anniversary Jetstream

    For something that's a different flavor. This guitar was purchased brand new. Never on a store's wall. I purchased the case for it, then put it away as a collectible piece. Showroom new, case queen. Silver Flake spruce top, on a mahogany body. Wilkerson Trem, Wilkerson staggered tuners. $...
  8. Geardog

    My Reverends - the guitars not the priests!

    I'm a BIG fan of Reverend, both imports, & their US models for which less than 4500 were ever made.
  9. Geardog

    FS - Firefly OD pedal by NCO3

    Brand new, original box & letter. I plugged it in to confirm it works, then put it away. $ 140.00 PP, Shipped to the CONUS. If you are outside this area, PM me & we can work out the shipping. Thank you. YouTube - NOC3 Firefly overdrive demo (Les Paul)
  10. Geardog

    How does this neck fit look?

    Does this neck seem a bit "loose?" Looking at the fitment from the pup cavity it seems not to be a snug fit on the body sides. Separately, the small lip, is that from the transitional tenon era? BTW, this is a MIJ Greco that I'm considering to purchase. Appreciate any feedback. Thank you.
  11. Geardog

    I should have bought "The Burny"

    I was just starting to learn about Burny, when chingo listed a FLG 65 Standard LP on ebay. Beautiful looking instrument in tobacco. I couldn't find much info on it, and let it go. Of course, now that the auction is over, I really have gas for it. Sure was/is purdy :sadwave:
  12. Geardog

    Quality of a Goya LP Style Gold Top

    I've never seen one, so was wondering if anyone has seen one or has one. If so please comment on this vintage piece. I think it was made in the late 70's. Thanks.

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