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  1. shupe13

    The Great Epiphone/Gibson Debate

    It ends here and now. YES Epiphone is as good as Gibson!
  2. shupe13

    The Great Epiphone/Gibson Debate

    It ends here and now. YES Epiphone is just as good as Gibson!
  3. shupe13

    Kramer by Gibson

    Any love for the Kramer by Gibson?
  4. shupe13


    Look what the Epi fanboy just scored! No money... No more Strats though. Who cares? I don't need no stinking Strat! It even has the headstock that the haters hate!!!
  5. shupe13

    Proper Now

    She's proper now. Zebras and a top wrap. Nuff said.
  6. shupe13

    Unexpected NGD!

    I was going for strings only I promise! New old stock, minty fresh 2016 Epi LP on the cheap, followed me home!!
  7. shupe13


    New Epi Day and I gotta say I really like it.
  8. shupe13


    I bought this little beauty yesterday. A Fender Pro Jr IV. Very simple. Very loud. Very soulful.
  9. shupe13


    I picked this up used but mint with a hardshell case for $350. Plays beautifully and sound very Strat-like in positions 2 thru 4.
  10. shupe13

    Prism/Rainbow LP Finish

    Does anyone know the story behind the Tribute Prism/Rainbow finish? I figured it had to be a signature at first, but I'm not seeing anything. It's an odd finish imho. I can't look away. I think Santana has a few sigs finished similarly.
  11. shupe13

    Simple Mod/Pleasant Surprise

    One thing I've always done on every LP I've owned but two, is to remove the pickup covers. The two I didn't mod were gold. Anyway, I finally got a zebra neck and black bridge. The neck is reverse on top of that. Oh simple pleasures!
  12. shupe13


    It's been a while. What can I say? I love them.
  13. shupe13

    I'm In a Movie

    Just wanted to let you know I had the great fortune to play a small part in a movie filmed some 3-4 years back. It premieres on HBO on February 23rd at 1000pm. See if you can find me lol!
  14. shupe13

    Pete Honor'e Cracking His GT

    Anyone seen this?
  15. shupe13

    New Tele Day

    Next to the Les Paul, Telecasters are a favorite of mine. I've owned several. Fender, ESP (LTD)… but yesterday I was fortunate enough to buy, for me, the best playing Tele to date... A G&L ASAT Classic. Wonderful build quality. Sounds very good too.
  16. shupe13


    I picked up a new Bassbreaker 007 and BB112 cab today. Wonderful little amp.
  17. shupe13

    My Favorite Non-Pauls

  18. shupe13

    New Les Paul Day

    I picked up this pretty LP today. It's, dare I say it, a twenty fifteen... Les Paul Traditional.
  19. shupe13

    Carl’s Customs for Hot Rod Deluxe III

    Ok I asked this on a Strat forum and value my Lester brethren opinions too. Have any of you used a Carl’s Customs volume box (goes in the effects loop) or his speaker soak (goes between the amp and speaker)? If you have, what say you? Can both be used together?
  20. shupe13

    Nekked Pups/Chip Or No Chip?

    I think she needs a chip. Do you agree?

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