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    Pawn Shop Find (Agile AL-3000M P90's)

    Wandered into a pawn shop in El Monte after a Fatburger lunch the other day. This one had an Agile AL-3000 on the wall, so I pulled it down. The tag on it wanted $400, but the owner said "$250, cash?" Darn thing was pristine. Looked like this (color, etc.), but with P90's. I'll get around to...
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    Agile AL727 in "Tribal Red"

    I was poking around GC's used guitar lot sometime back and came across an "Agile AL3100" that was clearly not. I squinted at the slightly blurry photo and counted the number of! Hmmph. I called the store and got an in-hand evaluation (a ding here, dent there) and settled back to...
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    Agile AL727 EB Tribal Red on the way

    Found this used, mislabeled an AL-3110 at a GC in Oregon. It's been fitted with an SD Nazgul 7 in the bridge (replacing the Cepheus pickup that comes stock). The usual (for an Agile): jumbo frets, 14" radius, ebony fretboard. The unusual: 7 strings, 24 frets, 27" scale. The binding has...
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    Bare Knuckle Pickups available on some Custom Shop Agiles

    Just noticed that Bare Knuckle pickups are now among the custom options for some Agile guitars. I've seen EMG and SDs on Agiles in the past...
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    Adam s3x-h?

    I have several pairs of these being dangled at the moment. Anyone have experience with these? I've currently got a pair of Rokit 8's and I've been running keys, modeled guitar and a small amount of bass through them for home practice in a 10x12 room. I'm looking at the Adams for a bit...
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    LA Amp Show?

    Anyone else going to be at the LA Amp Show first weekend in October?
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    House of Blues Sunset Strip to be demolished

    This has been in the works for a while, ever since the property HOB lives on was sold to a developer who's putting up a hotel and residential industrial project last year. The original timetable was going to allow another year, but the developer has shortened that and layoff notices have already...
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    Carvin/Keisel Vader V8 8-string Headless

    25.5" scale, 31" long total, stainless frets, headless 8-string.
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    Traditional Pro II with Floyds in Pasadena

    Last year, I believe, we thought these things were ephemeral, but the GC in Pasadena has three -- a black one, a rim-style teaburst (it's NOT a good look) and a translucent wine-red one on the wall today. This (below) was NOT one of the colors available. And neither of the...
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    Badly finished Thunderchickens

    Walked into a Guitar Center in the Rancho Cucamonga area yesterday. They have a pretty thin stock of...well...everything. But they did have a pair of Gibson Thunderbirds in one of those glassed-in rooms, with the backs against the glass. I glanced up and noticed that the (gloss) finish on them...
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    Undercut Fret Over Binding

    *Snort* Giggle *Wheeze* Just wait till they invent poly finishes! Undercut Fret Over Binding: Fly Over the Frets - YouTube Hey, isn't that Gibson guy the one who was playing the guitar at the Firebird X introduction?
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    HD upgrade for JTV Variax guitars has arrived

    Line 6 announced an HD upgrade for the JTV models (only -- won't work on the old Variax) that's available for download now. Most of the models are the same (but upgraded), though the Tele model seems to have been based on a different guitar than the non-HD version. Some folks are noticing...
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    Epiphone Imperial-'39 Emperor Reissue

    Anyone have a line on one of these? These were built between 1992 and 1994 by the Fujigen workshop in Japan. It's a reissue of the 1939 Epiphone Emperor, perhaps the premier big band 4/4 chord cannon of the swing era. 18.5" wide body hand top and bottom, figured maple sides, 9-piece...
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    The Gibson App Store!

    Apple just uploaded its 50 billionth (with a B) app to some iPad/iPhone/iWhatever user. Henry J promised, about the time that the Firebird X was introduced, that thousands of developers were champing at the bit with apps that would do something or other with new technology forward Gibson...
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    The true beginnings of death metal?

    I think it starts here:
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    The current short list

    Just thought I'd log this in, since it was the beginning of the year. My current "casual" short list of guitars that I will snag as I come across them as checkbook, deal and quality of guitar coalesce: 1980's ES-335-S. I really want Gibson to build me the Custom That Never Was, however...
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    Two 1x12" speaker cabs... or two 1x15s....

    Two 1x12s stacked correctly... This is the 1x15 version:
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    New Switching Options (Coil Tap Variety)?

    I don't know if you guys were playing attention, but I've seen a couple of new guitars from Gibson recently with coil tap switching that are no longer switching to a single coil, but are switching to parallel mode. One is the Lifeson Axcess, which does NOT switch to single coil, but to parallel...
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    Speaker cabs made of foam and fiberglass?

    Extreme Weight Reduction - "Our proprietary composite is laminated in house. It is 1/3rd the weight of Baltic Birch plywood, stronger, more durable, impervious to water, humidity, and chemicals. The material uses a 1" foam core sandwiched between layers of fiberglass and epoxy." The baffle is...
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    While I realize that MLP is a bastion of traditionalism, we all realize that modelers and modeling amps seem to be taking over the world. Line 6 has quietly become perhaps the largest amp manufacturer in the US with something like 35% market share, based largely on the sale of over a million...

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