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  1. 1neeto


    Isn’t this a beautiful pair? Couldn’t pass it up. 2018 Marshall DSL20CR, and this thing really rips!
  2. 1neeto

    NGD! SG inside

    Lester’s little brother, and I couldn’t be happier. Gifted to myself for my birthday, and it’s my first SG, and I have to say “now I get it”. All these years I saw the SG as that weird Gibson only Angus Young, and Tommy Iommi fans like. No idea why I never even tried one, it was pure ignorance...
  3. 1neeto

    Thought it would be fun to put my Katana 50 MKII against my Mesa and pedals.

    Had fun doing this. Since everyone raves about how great that $250 Boss box is, myself included. I figured why not put them head to head. Warning, I’m not a pro player or YouTuber. Put the thing together with my phone. :D
  4. 1neeto

    NGD! LP wannabe with birdies on the fretboard

    opportunity seized! Traded an S2 PRS, and a rare Ibanez for it. I was sure I would own a Gibby LP custom before a PRS core, but here I am. 2014 SC245.
  5. 1neeto

    What’s up with Dimarzio?

    Back in February, I special ordered a pickup through Sweetwater, and was told that special orders will take a few months, to not expect the pickup until June-July. Ok whatever, that’s the pickup I want so I’ll wait. Last week I got an update that Dimarzio shipped the pickup, and to expect it...
  6. 1neeto

    Help me troubleshoot my Mesa

    Early-mid 90’s Mesa/Boogie Subway Rocket 20 watt no reverb. A few weeks ago I bought a used Dr. Z Brake Lite attenuator. I can’t push this amp past 3 in my place without having an angry wife knocking at my door, and I wanted to drive those power tubes. Had it on max and set the volume at around...
  7. 1neeto

    2016 Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded

    This thread is for the general discussion of the guitar 2016 Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded. Please add to the discussion here.
  8. 1neeto


    Dropping by saying hi! Been playing guitar for nearly ten years now and I still suck. But still love it. Ok obligatory pic. Just scored this baby two weeks ago. Deal I couldn’t refuse. 2016 LP Studio Faded in Fireburst. Easily became my favorite guitar. I get it now why the Les Paul has such a...

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