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    Nitrocellulose Australian supplier.

    Found a Nitro supplier in Sydney. I haven't placed any orders, just spotted it while searching online. They have Plek setups listed too for anyone interested. If you end up placing a order and using the Nitro please make a post about your experience with it. Link below. Thanks...

    Telebird body what finish? Poll.

    I just won a telebird body on ebay and i'd like some different opinions on what finish I should go for. I haven't done a poll before so figured i'd throw my own ideas on a poll and if you have anything to add feel free to chime in.:thumb: This is the same as the body I scored.

    Advise on SD little 59 tele pup.

    I just bought a Seymour Duncan little 59 tele pickup and was wondering how I go about splitting it with a push pull setup. Is there a difference of tone when set up to split as opposed to just wiring it straight in as a replacement? I don't mean the obvious difference due to being split. I mean...

    Greco EG500 refinish

    I bought a Greco eg500 about 6 months ago thinking I would probably end up selling it down the track. I had a play on it when it arrived but the action was way high and I didn't think much of it. Anyway after finally doing a setup and cleaning it up it turns out to be a great player. The neck...

    Ebay sniped on a Marshall jmp 2203

    I just had a bid on a Marshall 1977 jmp 2203 MK2. I was getting all excited and working through what I was going to sell to pay for it when bam, 5 dudes came from nowhere and started a bidding frenzy in the last 50 seconds.:doh: It jumped from around $1600 bucks to over $2000 au. It ended up...

    Show me your Angus Young sg's

    Any members own any of the Angus Young signature models? Can you remember the new shop price for the lyre Vibrola equipped model? Do you think the Angus sig model would be a better long term investment than a cheaper standard or just making a similar version of the Lyre sg yourself? Post pics...

    Queer eye for the guitar guy.

    I've decided to tidy up my place during the holidays and redecorate my guitar room while i'm at it. My budget for the room is tight, around $150 spare to spend on a few new bits and pieces so it feels like a new room rather than just the same room with a clean floor and the furniture moved...

    Lost Combination for Gibson case.

    I bought a used 80's Gibson USA Brown LP guitar case. The one with a 3 combination lock. The guy that shipped it is in Japan and I can't contact him due to using a third party to purchase the case. The nong head shipped the case locked and didn't bother to write down the combination.:rolleyes...

    Guitar collection stolen from garage.

    Fourteen signed guitars stolen from this guys garage. It's not going to be easy to sell these without them being recognised. Hopefully the scum that stole them get caught. Guitars signed by rock royalty stolen from Manly West garage

    Burny, Greco, Tokai Firebirds.

    Anyone own a Burny, Greco or Tokai Firebird or know some info on them? Please share what you know. I'm after a quick schooling on years they were made, Country of manufacture, body materials used etc. What models have neck through vs set neck construction. Some pics would be great too if you...

    Telebird Body, Who sells them?

    I've been looking for a firebird body that's drilled for a hardtail or tele bridge and neck with two humbucker routs. Does anyone know where I can order one from? I'm after a 3 piece body, not the studio type that is offered on ebay from time to time. A body like in this picture but with H-H...

    Tokai HLS-118 What finish?

    I couldn't find any info on the 2013 Tokai love rock hls-118 LP. Do they have a lacquer or poly finish? What pickups do they come with? Woods used? Thanks in advance.:thumb:

    Strymon Mobius, what can it do?

    I've just bought a Mobius on ebay for a price I couldn't pass up. I watched 2 minutes of youtube demo before the purchase but had to act fast as there were a lot of watchers looking / listed and the sale had only a short time to go before ending. So can someone tell me what I just...

    In Russia Truck drives you.

    This is one lucky guy. I had to watch it twice and still can't believe he walks away.:shock:

    Decent pics with a cheap camera?

    I'm looking for a cheap digital camera that takes high quality pics. My current camera is a 5.1mp Nikon coolpix 5200. It's about 5 years old and isn't cutting it anymore. Can anyone recommend something that's easy to use and takes high quality pics without costing alot? I have no idea of the...

    Soldering guide for pro results. Video.

    Just thaught this was worth sharing. Seems i've been doing it all wrong.

    Best, authentic looking reliced hardware?

    I've looked for some detailed posts on how to relic chrome and nickel hardware but keep hearing different stories about time and materials used to do this. One clip on youtube advises 10 mins floating in muriatic acid but not submerged. Then another forum post states after 2 hours nothing had...

    MJT strat, suitable tremolo?

    I won a MJT Fiesta red medium aged strat body on fleabay and would like some input on trem choices availabe? I think they take an american vintage style tremolo so something with a sold steel or brass block would be preferred. I'm going for a relic early 60s look and dont mind having a go at...

    Blues Junior Nos, what laquer?

    I've had a fender blues junior nos tweed amp for a year or two, i bought it new but it hasn't got the wax? or laquer? finish treatment on the tweed covering. Does anyone know what it is that Fender uses on these amps? I'd like to apply the finish to stop it fading more than it has and prevent...

    Guy turns pet cat into a helicopter.

    :shock: Graphic content, cat lovers may find the image unpleasant. I can't understand why anyone would want to do this to their beloved pet. Ever tried to fly a remote control helicopter and not crash it? It's damn near impossible! I gather he did it for the publicity.:rolleyes...

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