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  1. Digger

    Never Smoke On Toilet After Eating Baked Beans!

    "Huge blast in China's Ningbo city traced to hole where toilet had been"
  2. Digger

    Pissed Off!

    Went to a book release @ 4 PM, a mate of ours Bill who is a poet, but this was his first attempt at a novel. It’s about the lives of the miners involved in the Eureka Rebellion against British troops in Dec 1854. Ballarat gold fields were one of the richest in the world at the time and the...
  3. Digger

    Aussie Lives Matter Too!

    Been wondering what’s happening in the case of a young Aussie woman that was allegedly shot by a police officer a while back and today this article. I hope that this isn’t allowed to...
  4. Digger

    I said to Bella~

    When I tied Bella up outside tonight I noticed that it was a full moon! I said to Bell “Look its a full moon, how about we have a howl? Do you want to start?” Nothing! OK do you want me to start? Nothing again? Right, perhaps we can start we go....Howwwl Wait on that was...
  5. Digger


    Teen gets thrown out of her kayak by Great White Shark!
  6. Digger

    Another Good'n Gone!

    Today George Young died! George was 70. Why was he significant to music ? He and Harry Vanda were the driving force of The Easybeats and were mentors to Malcolm & Angus Young, George's brothers in their career and...
  7. Digger

    This is where gold comes from!

    The most cataclysmic event that occurs in the universe is the collision of 2 Neutron stars. Neutron stars are the super dense remenants of massive stars collapsing and when 2 of them collide the pressures are unimaginable and in the last few seconds of that explosion gold is formed! Every bit...
  8. Digger

    "Digger" Finally Home!

    Well it arrived @11 am as arranged and we spent 45 minutes on a walk around and then tentative steps for me in the drivers seat!! Pretty strange at first especially the FEL but after the bloke went I had time to drive it around and get to know the controls a bit better. (lots of them) After...
  9. Digger

    Out Of The Stone Age At Last!!

    I went to put my mobile phone on charge in the kitchen yesterday and looked to find 4 bars of signal?? We haven't had acceptable mobile coverage here in all the time we've had the land which is over 30 of the down sides to living in paradise I suppose! Lucky to get texts in and out...
  10. Digger

    IOS 11

    Upgraded the iPad this arvo and so far I’m most impressed! Anyone else?
  11. Digger

    Bloody Big Rabbits!!

    Bloody big rabbits? Nah! It's "Wilma" the Wallaby & her Joey sitting out on the grass near the house! It's always special when native wildlife is trusting enough to come close like that and cute as hell when she bends to eat the grass, the baby eats some too. They are Swamp Wallabies, no...
  12. Digger

    Latest Pic Of Great Granddaughter!!

    G'Grandddaughter Pyper Gael, isn't she a cutie? Mom & Daughter.
  13. Digger

    Getting Soft?

    Yeah I know there's a thread already running on this subject but this one is a bit different. Bloody hell I must be getting soft! There's a couple of tiny bunnies playing near the garden bed near the house! They were there for a while yesterday and I haven't shot them yet!! I have to admit...
  14. Digger

    Police State?

    This seems to confirm it!
  15. Digger

    Does Lightning Strike Twice?

    You betcha! Having had 40 or more years of what is now known as classic rock, I'm totally sick of it and am going back to where I started. Good 'Ol Blues like Lighting here.
  16. Digger

    Can I get A Ride Mr?

    Koala content!
  17. Digger

    Well We've Got a Firearms Sticky....?

    So how about a tractor sticky.....Grin~
  18. Digger

    Soon Can Justify Username!!

    I ordered one of these today! Now my petty cash tin is looking pretty empty! Kioti (Coyote) DS3510 with 4 in 1 FEL. Soon I'll really be able to live up to my username: Digger!
  19. Digger

    Wanna Have A swim In My pool?
  20. Digger

    Woo Hoo! Great Grandparents!

    Well I always thought that we were "Great" Grandparents to 9 of the buggers but this takes life to a whole new level! Our Piper was born a short while ago to our granddaughter Melissa and we are sooooooo excited! Going to see her Saturday to give them a chance to recover but main thing is they...

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