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  1. Dougie

    2018 Custom Shop Historic '58 Les Paul Junior Doublecut - One Of 10 In Tobacco Sunburst

    This one went from the Custom Shop to CME for it's first sale, then to a shop in New York, where it was bought and shipped to Sweden by the owner I bought it from. When it arrived back in the US, I opened the case and was surprised to find a virtually brand new, unplayed guitar, in perfect...
  2. Dougie

    Chambering A Les Paul, A Different Approach

    I have a 1985 '59 reissue (this was before they started with the R designations) that hasn't a lot of collector value, it's had the neck broke behind the 3rd fret, and broken almost completely out of the body at the heel. I repaired this one 25yrs ago with the typical wood glue and clamps, it...
  3. Dougie

    2019 LP Jr. Dbl Cut Which Wraparound Tailpiece?

    I bought a used one of the first run guitars with the jack on the pickguard and it came with a Tone Pros AVT II wraparound that has individual saddles, it's rather heavy and I though the guitar sounded a little thin so when I restrung it I put the factory Gibson lightning bolt back on with the...
  4. Dougie

    WTB 2018-2019 Custom Shop Historic Les Paul Pickguard

    Lots of folks don't use the pickguard, I am in need of one and will pay decent money for one. Must be 2018-2019 Custom Shop Historic model. The Custom Shop does not sell these, they are a tad bit different from the ones Gibson sells.
  5. Dougie

    Custom Buckers & Stainless Steel Slugs = Artifacts And Gritty Tone

    I recently bought one of the Historic Makeovers R8 guitars and man I could NOT be more tickled with the guitar! It is LIVE all over, rings for days, is very loud and well balanced acoustically, you strap it on and walk into a room playing it unplugged, and it FILLS the room! Wonderful guitar...
  6. Dougie

    Gibson's Newest PAFs Using 416 SS Screws & Slugs?

    Found this detail of some new PAF copies that Gibson is using, have no idea when they brewed this exact configuration up, these are specs for Custom Buckers going into the brand new CC #30 "Gabby" R9 reissues. Odd for Gibson to release the exact number of turns, detailing the coil offset, but...
  7. Dougie

    POINTER: Ebay auction quilted maple MUST SEE! BADASS quilt!

    Awesome Quilted Maple Block 24 1 2 x 14 x 1 3 16 Guitar Luthier Craft | eBay
  8. Dougie

    Eminence EJ1250 Eric Johnson speakers?

    I listened to the alnico speaker shootouts and I liked this speaker best of all. Question, has anyone here got any experience with them in a 4x12? Their specs say "usable" frequency range starts at 90Hz. I don't get enough low E string growl out of Greenbacks with the 75Hz cones, so I...
  9. Dougie

    Need tall black Epi bridge pickup ring

    Anybody got one of these hanging around I can get cheap maybe? thanks!
  10. Dougie

    Vote for this cute girl so she can win a trophy hunt from Cabela's! (ends at 8pm)!

    Please take a min and vote for this young and cute little hunter. She is trying to win this contest and a trophy hunt. Contest ends TONIGHT at 8 pm. She is the October entry. Edit: The hog was 201lbs, her mom says this is what she wanted to do on her 9th birthday... Click on the link and...
  11. Dougie

    Secrets of the early 60s mini humbuckers..

    I recently had the fun of taking apart a DOA mini humbucker from about 1964. This would have been used on an Epiphone guitar as Gibson made those pickups for Epiphone in those days. The early minis are known for their super cool tone which is nice and rounded and full, nothing like the thin...
  12. Dougie

    GOOD one for the pickup winders...

    I have two PAF style pickups that I wound all the coils for. All 4 coils were wound in the same direction. Start lead coming through the hole in the bobbin, finish lead on the outside of the coil. Looking from top of the bobbin, wind direction is CCW. Both pickups have the screw coil going...
  13. Dougie

    WTB Gibson Historic VOS pickup covers

    Looking to buy the raw nickel brushed finish non-glossy covers that came on many Custom Shop and Historic VOS guitars. They also came on Custom Buckers. MUST be 1 15/16" spacing (neck pup spacing). PM if you have any for sale.. Thanks!
  14. Dougie

    Good deal on dbl black lead/purple wire PAT # pickup - 1963

    Saw this on fleabay, appears to be a dbl black lead Pat # pickup with purple/plain enamel wire on the coils, most of these fetch in the $1200 range, this one's under $800.. Not bad for a short magnet PAF with a PAT # decal on it. Vintage 1963 Gibson Patent No Sticker PAF Humbucker Pickup Fr...
  15. Dougie

    FEELER: FS Binson Echorec 2 model T7E

    Considering the sale of my Binson Echorec 2, model T7E. The unit has been serviced, the output jacks converted to Switchcraft, internal wiring is not the old wiring that disentegrates, it has original tubes which are still strong. This unit isn't in tip top condition, and the price reflects...
  16. Dougie

    Who's in/near Atlanta? Ric 360/12 needs work

    I have a bud that msgd me about a Ric 360/12 it needs a new nut and has some chips in the finish he wants fixed. Azure blue finish.
  17. Dougie

    Merry Firebird Christmas to the forum!

  18. Dougie

    How Much Offset in Gibson's Custombucker?

    Mismatched coils are one of the custombucker's secrets, have any of you had the opportunity to measure one of these and see how much difference there is in the DCR of the coils?
  19. Dougie

    FS: NOS Gibson Thunderbird Pickups w/rings **RARE**

    These are some of the rarest Thunderbird pickups ever made. They were originally made in the Kalamazoo custom shop, first used on the mid 1980s Orville production, the official Japan made Gibson models. When the custom shop was moved to Nashville, several pairs of these pickups were found in...

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