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  1. jrnic

    Marshall Code 25 speaker change.

  2. jrnic

    My NGD Thayer "Electric Blue" Les Paul

    Thanks to my Wonderful Wife, I was able to actually find and buy this new Thayer Electric Blue Les Paul! She wound up giving me a very generous Sam Ash Gift Card as a Christmas present. So, being that I wanted something special, and being a very big KISS fan since almost the beginning, it was...
  3. jrnic

    My new Ace Frehley Project Les Paul

    Hello all, I finally have the guitar I've wanted for the past 37 years or so. Since I was a kid of 17, (I'm 54 now!) I've always wanted Ace's Black 3 Pickup Les Paul Custom. Seeing I was never going to be able to afford a real one (wife, 2 kids in college and a mortgage prevent me from spending...
  4. jrnic


    Simple question. Why do so many members here, when showing their guitars, show pictures of them with cats in the picture. I've seen cats standing next to them, lying next to them, looking down at them, etc. Why the fascination with cats in the pictures??? Just wondering.
  5. jrnic

    My Christmas NGD "Captain" SG

    Today I found this under the tree from my amazing wife, son and daughter. They totally surprised me with this: Thankfully it arrived from Fedex with no issues and all paperwork and correct case.
  6. jrnic

    My new color coordinated case

    Just got my new "home" for my Epi LP Special. Ordered it from Rondo Music. Awesome deal and great service from them.
  7. jrnic

    New Family Photo

    This is my updated Gibson/Epiphone collection. Some are new additions, replacements for ones I lost to flooding from Hurricane Sandy (new additions: '93 Gibson LP Blk Standard and '12 Epi LP Custom.) All being shown off in my very recently re-finished and re-furnished basement (also thanks to...
  8. jrnic

    My NGD that I waited 34 years for!

    I recently acquired a 1993 Les Paul Standard seen here. It started out as just a body with nothing on it. It had a long ago headstock repair (which was done amazingly well, can't see it at all.) Because of that, I got it real cheap. I've had all sorts of Gibson's over the years but the Les Paul...
  9. jrnic

    'Sort-a like' a NGD! 1978 Les Paul Special Dbl Cut

    I finally have my 1978 LP Special back to the way it was and used to be. I forgot what this thing sounded like with P90's!! It's been YEARS since it had 'em. This is the guitar that I stupidly cut up for humbuckers back in the 80's because I didn't really appreciate the P90's back then. I...
  10. jrnic

    Speaker changer in a Blackstar HT-5

    I just saw that Sam Ash is selling the Blackstar HT-5 for about $130 less than the newer HT-5R ($319 compared to $449). The main difference, other than the new one having reverb, is the speaker size. My question, can an HT-5 with the 10" speaker be upgraded to a 12" speaker? I noticed that...
  11. jrnic

    Interesting New Gibson Les Paul at GC

    Today while browsing at the great GC, they were feverishly unpacking much new gear by the guitar counter. Most of the stuff was recognizable but one Gibson LP was very interesting. Never saw it before, nor is it on their website. It was basically a Les Paul single cut special in wine red but...
  12. jrnic

    Wire Gauge for speaker cabinet

    I was wondering if you could help with my project. I am soon to buy a Marshall Class 5 head. I have a circa 1980s Marshall 5010 solid state amp and I was considering turning the amp cabinet into a 12" speaker cab for my new amp purchase. I want to take out the chassis and cover the front with...
  13. jrnic

    OMG New SG!!

    Saw this today on Facebook. I wondered how long it would take to make the "other half"!!! Very Nice!!! :dude:
  14. jrnic

    NGD: well, new to me, SG Special

    I finally tried one of those guitar bodies from eBay from the seller who takes apart all sorts of Gibsons (and others) and sells everything seperately. This one kind of does a few things for me. I finally have a Gibson SG again, having traded in my fairly new 1979 SG Standard back in the early...
  15. jrnic

    EH "Nano" series pedal question

    I recently got a Nano Holy Grail pedal from Electro Harmonex. I really love this pedal. It sounds great. Just what I needed for my non-reverb Marshall combo. Anyway....on to the question: I noticed that it does not use a 9v battery. It's powered only by the AC cord. When I opened up the...
  16. jrnic

    NPD x3 (Boss, MXR, EH)

    Between last week and today I have picked up 3 new pedals and I must say I think each one was well worth the cash. 1) Electro-Harmonex Nano Grail - love the small size, all 3 settings are nice. The 'Flerb' setting is pretty cool too. A little flange added into the reverb. Very nice...
  17. jrnic

    A question to those who put EMG's in LP's

    I was wondering if when you put EMG's in your Les Paul, did you re-use the metal plate that holds the pots, or did you remove it and just install the pots right into the cavity without the plate? This brings me to another question. I know if you re-use the plate, you would have to use the...
  18. jrnic

    Never Forget!

    9/11/01 We Will Never Forget I lost a few friends that morning, a few FDNY, an NYPD member and a civillian bank worker . I spent time there afterwards with my FD during the "Search and Rescue" while it was still being considered a rescue. Please take a moment to remember all these...
  19. jrnic

    Fake Explorers??

    Hi all, I know this might be a dumb or redundant question, but here it is. I know that there are many, many fake Les Pauls both Gibson and even Epiphone, but how about Explorers? I have looked around and have not seen anything mentioned. I have been GASing for an Explorer for a long time...
  20. jrnic

    My newly "Restored" Les Paul Studio Lite

    Just wanted to post some guitar porn showing my newly aquired 1992 Les Paul Studio Lite. I showed some earlier photos of it but I have finally got it done the way I wanted. Originally I got it with the original pickups, a 500T and 496R. Only problem was that the previous owner screwed around...

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