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  1. tygr1

    Back with my favorite LP

    Traded my favorite Lester away toward a new Player Series Tele a couple weeks ago. Pffftt. Enough of that for awhile. Got it back tonight; 2004 Epi LP Classic Quilted top in Transparent Red with all 2020 Trad Pro electronics.
  2. tygr1

    NGD Traded LP Studio already...

    ...yep, traded my recently acquired 2002 Ebony Studio and a couple hundred bucks for this 2017 AA Flame top. Well I like it! Anybody know what color this is called?
  3. tygr1

    Finally own a black guitar.

    It's just a lowly 2000 LP Studio, but in amazing condition. I couldn't let it get away. Just got it tonight. Will post a pic tomorrow. Methinks it is a goth model, with a cheap cream pickguard on it now. I'll have to decide which way to go with it and get her all dressed up either classic or...
  4. tygr1

    My 'new' Quilted Top Classic Trad Pro III

    Confused yet? So I took my favorite 2004 Classic body/neck and gutted it electronically. Then did the same with my 2020 Trad Pro III. I put the Probuckers and all quick connect, push-pull pots, and complete wiring from the Trad Pro in the Classic, and well...I have myself a new hot...
  5. tygr1

    NGD x 2

    The other day, I parted with a certain guitar that I just never bonded with for some reason. Today I used the cash proceeds to purchase a pair of Epi Les Pauls. I picked up a 2004 Classic in Translucent Cherry and a 2018 Trad Pro III in Pelham Blue.
  6. tygr1

    Already 'hot rodding' the new Classic

    I just can't seem to leave these guitars as-is, lol. Knob change first...which led to immediate removal of the guard.
  7. tygr1

    Anyone else have trouble owning/playing a $2k guitar?

    I just got rid of my 2019 Gibson Classic in Translucent Red for a 2017 Epi Goldtop! I'm now a happy camper. Something about having a 2000 dollar guitar that really didn't play as well (for me anyway) as the 17 Goldtop Trad. Pro I picked up in it's place. I'm no pro. Not even a great player...
  8. tygr1

    NGD late last night.

    Met up with a young friend last night. I had an old beat up Fender amp he wanted that I didn't anymore and he had a 2003 Epi LP Standard Plus up for sale that I kinda liked. He brings it over and it was a sweet looker. I think it's a 'Honey Burst' but you guys tell me. I really dislike the '57...
  9. tygr1

    Dumb question re: Burstbuckers

    My newer Classic has Burstbucker 61r and 61t pickups. Am I correct in assuming these are NOT the same as Burstbucker Pros?
  10. tygr1

    Many of us are home players, admit it. Let's see those home rigs.

    Probably most here are really 'internet' players' me. Been playing since nine years old (65 now) but only in some ancient garage bands and at home. I'll start. I'm a simple man. I have two guitars at the moment and only one real amp. Let's see your home rig(s).
  11. tygr1

    NGD...traded the Tribute in on a Classic.

    Happy late Father's day, all you Dads out there! Got me a RED guitar today. My favorite color, lol. It's a 2019 LP Classic. Love it thus far!! It's actually translucent cherry.
  12. tygr1

    NGD 2016 Standard T Fire Burst

    Picked this beauty up just this morning from a guy I know, lol.
  13. tygr1

    Tell me about the 2016 Standard T LP, please.

    I have a chance to trade my 2020 Tribute LP and other things for a very nice 2016 Std. T model. I've not kept up with these years and know practically nothing about it other than it was regarded as 'better' than the 2015 model. Are these worth pursuing at a time like this? Not that it matters...
  14. tygr1

    Silverface Princeton Reverb in the house.

    So the other day I spotted a Silverface Fender on that expensive site. I had to have a look. Sure enough it was a PR...just what I was looking for. The bad; it was a 1980 model. The good; it had been converted to an early 70s circuit with the removal of the pull-boost volume pot, replacement...
  15. tygr1

    Been awhile. Back with a 2020 Tribute.

    Not a bad guitar at all. Might try and shine 'er up a little even. I'm liking the stark Gibby's build quality and playability. Fun guitar! Just thought I'd share.
  16. tygr1

    My 20 year old Custom. Took a little elbow grease...

    ...and a bagful of inexpensive CHROME parts and I do believe my old Korean Custom looks pretty good now. Just for history's sake I left the original pickup covers/all electronics alone. The gold color was already worn off the pickups long ago, I presume. Anyway she looked pretty sad when I...
  17. tygr1

    We now have a little variety!

    Just thought I'd share my meager Epi collection...
  18. tygr1

    First LP Custom!

    She's a 2000 Korean made version. A project to be sure, but nothing too serious. I'm going all chrome with the hardware. I'm excited!
  19. tygr1

    NGD! Standard Pro Plus finally arrived.

    My used (2017) Standard Pro with plus top arrived this morning. Cleaned her up some, changed knobs and removed pickguard...NOW she's mine! These Probuckers are really underrated.
  20. tygr1

    Ordered a Standard Pro last night.

    Not for the coil taps...for the stock Probucker pickups! Best stock Epi pickups I've ever heard. Used my "Kick myself" (another thread) money to purchase the blue 2017 Pro. Can't wait to get her. Hope she makes it this coming week.

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