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  1. gadafi

    Whenever I need some inspiration.....

    Soothsayer blows me away every time. I play it loud so the neighbours think it's me ;)
  2. gadafi

    Jimmy Page: How Stairway to Heaven was written

    Stumbled across this the other night, thought it was pretty cool. Apologies if previously posted I did a search and couldn't see it...
  3. gadafi

    Darwin Awards

    'Oh look, a small nuke just went off at the local chemical plant, why don't we keep driving past it'
  4. gadafi

    I shaved my nuts

    good for all types of recipes
  5. gadafi


    So I was taking some photos of clouds tonight, as you do, and I inadvertently caught this. Pretty sure it is the preliminary invasion force from the Delta Gamma Galaxy as was foretold by the great mystic Qung Dung Ho in 981AD.
  6. gadafi

    Streetview stuff....

    ello ello ello what 'ave we 'ere then....
  7. gadafi

    going soft with age....asking for a friend....

    a friend of mine recently confided in me that sometimes when watching schmaltzy movies with his missus he has to feign an itchy eye in order to discreetly wipe a tear away or pretend to cough to cover the lump in his throat......only sometimes mind you but enough to be of concern....he said...
  8. gadafi

    Finally got my time machine up and runnin....

    Been working on this baby for 27 years and she still has some glitches but I can now 'safely' travel back to any time in the last 1503 years. Any further back just draws too much power but I'm working on that. Unfortunately travelling to the future is also going to take a bit more work, the...
  9. gadafi

    I Visited Jordan, Montana.

    In these Covid Days travel can be difficult so I like to go on my own Street View trips at least once a week. Last week I visited the quaint town of Jordan in Montana and had such a good time I just have to share some holiday snaps with you all. This is Main Street walking east to west. I got...
  10. gadafi

    Johnny & Amber

    I'm addicted. Was up til the wee hours listening to the tapes, you know the tapes where they recorded their intimate conversations with each other..... Hell their lives are no different to everyone else's.... 'cept maybe the dump in the bed bit but apart from that they're just like us!
  11. gadafi

    Taking my new HD cam drone on its maiden flight tomorrow....

    on an unrelated question....anyone know where Heidi's house is?
  12. gadafi

    Beer Review

    Had this sucker in the fridge for a while it came as part of an international beer gift pack so thought I'd give it a rip.. Heretic Evil Twin - Red India Pale Ale. Heretic Brewing Co - Fairfield CA. ABV: 6.8% Never been a light or mid strength drinker, kind of defeats the purpose for having...
  13. gadafi

    Road Hog

  14. gadafi

    Wilkinson MWHZ vs Seymour Duncan Slash Alnico II

    Hi guys, stumbled across this on YT and found it pretty interesting.
  15. gadafi

    I want one...

    do Amazon do these?
  16. gadafi

    Ideas that sounded good in theory

  17. gadafi

    I got an intro - what you got?

    not polished but no matter, can you add to it? 120bpm, over, under, harmony, verse, chorus, bridge, middle 8, outro, rhythm, lead, bass, percussion, keys, tambourine, maracas, vocals whatever. Maybe no more than a dozen bars a piece to take it in one direction or several......
  18. gadafi

    Amazing Painting

    Check out the eyes.... full screen is best to see them
  19. gadafi

    My balls have turned blue

    They were the usual green until my wife and her girl friends played with them yesterday I can't unzip these at the club I'll be a laughing stock. Thought about dyeing them green again but worried they might turn black. Any suggestions?

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