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  1. TheX

    Tesla Autopilot Crash Leads to Veh. Manslaughter Charges

    Gonna be cool tech, but I wouldn't touch it right now.
  2. TheX

    Foods you love...

    That other people hate. Fresh from the market in Kuantan Malaysia. Oh hell yeah. My friends from Microsoft in Kuala Lumpur. I had to take the pic.
  3. TheX

    Wait, there really is cake!

    In vending machines in Japan that CANS!
  4. TheX

    Like Linux AND Windows?

    You can enable the Windows Subsystem for Linux - WSL for short. This isn't a VM, it's part of the kernel. Go to an admin cmd/powershell/terminal window and enter "bash". You'll get a running Linux computer. You can have more than one...
  5. TheX

    Keep that V8, and still save the world.

  6. TheX

    Heart attack PSA

    Today is the 8th anniversary of surviving my heart attack. Heart health is important. If you think you have any symptoms, get it checked out. Don't put it off. Dropping dead is a very real possibility.
  7. TheX

    Facebook gets worse

    In the Marketplace that is. All of my listings for red dots, pellet/PCP/other air rifles got removed. I asked for a review and this is what I got.
  8. TheX

    TheX's Childhood Memories Thread

    I see a lot of references to childhood. Guitars, bicycles, toys, baby sitters...kidding...almost. This was my mom's birthday, so we played it a few times that day. She loved it. Mom rocked. What have you got? xthread
  9. TheX

    That Boston Sound.

    For me, Boston has always had a sound that was familiar, and made me happy. I think I know why... When I was a kid, already playing, I always had the perfect lead tone in my head. Same with acoustic sound. The rocking drums, and that organ/Leslie. You know, what you wanted to sound like in your...
  10. TheX

    RIP Betty White.
  11. TheX

    TheX's random crap thread.

    As part of my *reduce clutter* initiative, I will be placing things that make me go *Ooo-shiny*in here. xthread
  12. TheX

    If you suddenly inherited a burst...

    Would you tell anybody? Me? No way.I would want to enjoy it without fear of someone finding out where I live and wanting to take it from me. I'd have it insured, and in my will to whoever didn't piss me off recently.
  13. TheX

    JWST - Christmas day

    I'll be up early enough to watch. Webb's launch date is set for December 25, 2021 07:20am EST ( 2021-12-25 12:20 GMT/UTC).
  14. TheX

    Ancient Recipes with Sohla

    Man, I love watching this lady. Ancient recipes presented in an awesome way.
  15. TheX

    You call that a burger?

  16. TheX

    Miss the Sears Wishbook?

    You can flip the pages of the old ones here,
  17. TheX


    Jeebus, Manny was brutal.
  18. TheX

    Top 50 Phony Navy SEAL claims

    Don and Diane are freakin' awesome.
  19. TheX

    Romeo Randy Rhoads Melt Down

    I figured we could all use a break from *reality*.
  20. TheX

    James Webb Space Telescope: 3D Model


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