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  1. scott1970

    A pretty good line up for $85

    Of course, you can't please everyone when it comes to music festivals, but $85 is a real bargain compared to some ticket prices I've seen lately.
  2. scott1970


    Sic 'em! Woof Woof Woof
  3. scott1970

    Any Irish whiskey drinkers here?

    I have no experience with Irish whiskey, but I finally stumbled across a bottle of this tonight. It's one I've wanted to try for years, but it's impossible to find locally. The man said they seldom get any, and it always sells out immediately. Twelve-year-old bourbon has never disappointed me...
  4. scott1970

    A Christmas card from my guys at work

    My squad always gets me a gift card at Christmas. They outdid themselves with the Christmas card this year.
  5. scott1970

    Somebody got an eyeful

    Friday, I walked into the locker room and main bathroom at the PD and saw these signs plastered all over. A BWC is a body worn camera. :lol: :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:
  6. scott1970

    Thinking about a new style of prescription sunglasses

    What do y'all think about this pair?
  7. scott1970

    Anybody watched the latest el season of Narcos?

    I'm about to fire it up and am looking forward to it. My wife couldn't make it past the first season, but that's because I'd pretend the pug was Pablo Escobar. I'd follow her around the house, hold up the pug, and say, "plata o plomo." Although the pug remained steadfastly indifferent, she got...
  8. scott1970

    My MLP ads cover a wide range of stuff.

    These two ads just popped up within the last five minutes. I get the work bench, but what the frick is going on with Bed Bath and Beyond? That's disturbing.
  9. scott1970

    This little piggy screamed bloody murder.

    I was standing beside my Jeep as an occupant jumped out of it on my side. Somehow they landed on my big toe and bent the nail back substantially. My word this was painful. I reckon that's what I get for wearing flip flops in November. *toe shown not actual size
  10. scott1970

    Ballpark value of my guitar?

    I've hardly paid any attention to the guitar market in the last two years and am debating selling my '68RI. What's a ballpark value in today's market for my 50th Anniversary '68 reissue? It's in great shape, has the COA, and has no pet/cigarette smells. I've tried to find recent going prices for...
  11. scott1970

    Just watched the new Bond film. Thumbs up.

    I enjoyed it. It had all the aspects of a good Bond flick, although the ending sucked. I knew it was coming, but it was still disappointing.
  12. scott1970

    Prison Blues denim jeans and jackets

    Anybody here own any of these britches or jackets? Supposedly, they are robust and seem to have a good reputation. I'm digging the work pants and believe I'll try a pair.
  13. scott1970

    Took a prison road trip yesterday (pic heavy)

    Yesterday I took a trip to visit Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary located just west of Knoxville, Tennessee. It operated from 1896 until its closure in 2009. I'd known it had a very violent reputation prior to being closed, but I never imagined how brutal it had been over the years. I had free...
  14. scott1970

    Shakira attacked by a pod of lemurs.

    What's up with the girl and nature??? First it was feral hogs, then it was a sea lion, and now it's an entire pod of lemurs!
  15. scott1970

    Funny online scam attempt

    I'm on the hunt for a very specific firearm, so I posted a WTB on a website that's been a success for me in the past. Right off the bat, a brand new board member has this specific gun for sale at below market pricing. I asked him to provide a photo of the gun with a spoon lying next to it, so I...
  16. scott1970

    Nice knowing y'all....

    Looks like the Social Security Administration has a warrant for my arrest and will be sending the police to arrest me. I'm going to bug out at a Publix or Trader Joe's for a few years and then pop back up here under a new name when the heat is off.
  17. scott1970

    NPTD (new police truck day)

    I turned in the 2019 Dodge Charger yesterday and took possession of the 2021 F-150. We're phasing out the Chargers for Ford Explorers, but admin decided to try out some F-150s due to better resale and because they're several thousand dollars cheaper than the Explorers. I have always enjoyed...
  18. scott1970

    Loving the crazy car market today...

    So, the day after Christmas last year I bought my wife the car she really, really wanted, a loaded 2020 Subaru Ascent. She loved the car more than any she's ever had, so happy wife and happy me. A month or two ago she began mentioning being unhappy about the debt we took on for the car. We...
  19. scott1970

    I’m rolling one today!

    Unfortunately, it’s a paint roller. Dad has wrangled me into painting three entire apartments for him...all walls and all trim. Gonna monstrously suck. I’ll probably be back in a day or two when my arms are working again. :rofl:

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