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  1. scott1970

    A pretty good line up for $85

    Tanya Tucker has to be one of them. Who are the other two?
  2. scott1970

    A pretty good line up for $85

    Of course, you can't please everyone when it comes to music festivals, but $85 is a real bargain compared to some ticket prices I've seen lately.
  3. scott1970

    Regional foods

    Cornbread and pintos mashed up with juice on it. The old-timers always ate cornbread mixed in buttermilk. I was never keen on it.
  4. scott1970

    What a pile of suckage today.

    Compared to one particular portly fireman who was notorious for stripping nude and changing clothes in the middle of the gym? Yeah, vast improvement.
  5. scott1970

    What a pile of suckage today.

    There's a local man who owns a small chain of superbly equipped gyms which are open 24/7. He personally reached out to the fire and police departments to offer full memberships at $15/month. I jumped on that deal the day after the gym was shuttered. And his offer had nothing to do with our city...
  6. scott1970

    What a pile of suckage today.

    I forgot about my thread of frustration, until it popped up this morning from someone's liking it. So, here's the update all of y'all have been dying for. Most all of us who used the city gym regularly immediately joined one of the gyms in town. The chief then sent out an email to the...
  7. scott1970

    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)

    My local store took in an AR style Les Baer .308 in trade. It must weigh fifteen pounds, but it seems to be exceptionally well built. I had no idea they used to build rifles.
  8. scott1970

    MS "Wokeness" Editor

    A midget with ED...
  9. scott1970

    Public Restroom pet peeves

    Decades ago I worked at a Winn-Dixie grocery store. Occasionally a mystery shopper would steal a six-pack of beer, slip into the bathroom and drink them, and then take a monstrous dump on the floor. This person would then finger paint the walls with feces. The offense was sporadic, but the...
  10. scott1970

    Jenna Jameson Reports Guillain-Barré Diagnosis

    Sounds like she’s screwed.
  11. scott1970


    Not yet. He’s still making that long, defeated drive home to Tennessee.
  12. scott1970


    The pansies at work are loudly letting it be known they had nothing to do with the chief’s door. I didn’t think to pass out some maxi pads first, and that’s on me.
  13. scott1970


    My chief is a die hard Bama fan. BIG TIME! He’s driving back from the game this morning, probably hung over. He takes his Alabama football so seriously that he’ll be in a foul mood when he gets to the office this afternoon. After roll call, I slathered his entire office door with full color...
  14. scott1970


    Sic 'em! Woof Woof Woof
  15. scott1970

    i can't believe i found it, the only known surviving pic of...

    No pics that I'm aware of, but my first car was a '74 Nova with buckets and a 350. I bought it myself at fifteen years old with money saved from my first job. Those were fun times. I remember going to Radio Shack and buying an 8 track adaptor which allowed me to play cassette tapes.
  16. scott1970

    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)

    My brand new Acura Inbred was built in Alabama. Runs great.
  17. scott1970

    Facebook gets worse

    Facebook is keeping you safe, because they know what's best for you. Really, you should be thanking them when you go to bed tonight.
  18. scott1970

    Need advice on new/used GM truck

    A farm truck would benefit from 4x4, based on my experience.
  19. scott1970

    Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts, theories etc.

    Why no onion and garlic's? They're bovine free, so it would seem they're kosher.

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