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  1. Mike J.

    NGD - Gibson Jimi Hendrix Flying V

    Hey friends, Last week I have bough this outstanding Jimi Hendrix Gibson Custom Hall of Fame Flying V. What can I say, I feel very lucky to have been offered this beautiful instrument from 1992. It's a lightweight, it looks "sexy", plays and sound killer and marks something very very special to...
  2. Mike J.

    NUX Solid Studio -Just Wow!

    Hey friends, I've currently the NUX Solid Studio and the Two Notes Cab M+ at home. The Two Notes is almost too much for me with all the options, the NUX us easy, self exmplaining and "more anaolgue". I'm highly enjoying this unit, played it live for the last two gig in combination with my amp...
  3. Mike J.

    Don't ask - I'll take the SG!

    Hey peeps, Once upon a time I had the chance to compare both guitars to each other. I know there have been so many discussions about this topic, so I don't wanna go into deep. I love SGs, tone, playability and access...just a perfect rock machine. Here's my video playing both models head to...
  4. Mike J.

    Rare Jimi Hendrix Covers

    Hi friends, Well yesterday we hopefully played our last online streaming gig! Just right before the gig we decided to put "Come On (Let The Good Times Roll)" and "Freedom" on the setlist. Man, I really look forward to playing live in front of an audience again and it seems it's gonna happen...
  5. Mike J.

    Jimi Hendrix's Gibson Riffs were so cool!

    Sometimes I wonder to what extent Jimi would have used his Gibsons more often if he hadn't died so unexpectedly. I think that he composed mega cool riffs on his SG and Flying V and clearly went in a slightly different direction than on his Fender Strat. What are your favorite riffs from Jimi...
  6. Mike J.

    J.D. Simo on a 1960 Les Paul

    Was lucky enough to catch Simo at a workshop, before the big Pestilence broke out. He’s playing an all original 1960 Les Paul here - not his own, I assume it was given to him for the Workshop. However, here are some fine tones I captured:
  7. Mike J.

    Ready for some close vintage single coil tones...Mark Foley

    Looking for the vintage pre-CBS tone, yes yes I know ... I have now come across a "Number One" set by Mark Foley. In the boutique pickups set jungle there is of course hardly a reasonable overview and so you have to dare something at some point. The pickups really make an extremely good...
  8. Mike J.

    RW vs RW: PRS Silver Sky vs Haar Custom Strat

    Hello friends, To complete the matter, I had to have the PRS Silver Sky Rosewood compete against a corresponding Rosewood Strat. You might have seen my Maple comparison. This time I used a Haar Custom Strat with Mark Foley Number One pickups. What do you say? I still find that the PRS just...
  9. Mike J.

    Clash of the Friedman Dirty Shirleys - Video

    Hello, dear guitar freaks, a few days ago I rewatched my demo of the Friedman Dirty Shirley Head. Since I also own the Dirty Shirley Overdrive Pedal, I thought it would be interesting to compare the two. Does this wonderful pedal sound anything like the amp? Can it reproduce the basic...
  10. Mike J.

    Joe Bonamassa - Something different for the pentatonic - Lesson

    I only recently came across an amazing Joe Bonamassa live solo - maybe you've seen my post? I found one of the licks particularly great, as it shows the pentatonic in a differenty picked version than the over used fast group of 5 notes à la Eric Johnson. So I got down to it and created a lesson...
  11. Mike J.

    Joe Bonamassa's best live solo - in my humble opinion

    Hi friends, in 2018 I was lucky enough to be invited to Joe's tour. While preparing a new Joe Bonamassa lick lesson, I remembered a video I captured that night at the concert. I think it's a wonderful, if not Joe's best live solo I've seen so far. Phrasing, tone, accuracy and feeling are just...
  12. Mike J.

    My favorite LOW GAIN OD

    I've played many great low gain pedals over the past 12 months. The KOT, Landgraff, Morning Glory, but my absolute favorite remains the Vemuram Jan Ray. I don't know, but it gives me that "magic" touch on top of my notes and tones that I hardly find in another pedal. What's your favorite low...
  13. Mike J.

    PRS Silver Sky vs my Fender Custom Shop Strat

    Hey folks, Maybe some of you have seen my last video where I compared the Silver Sky Rosewood with the Maple version. I decided to keep the Rosewood version. In addition to my last video, I have just played kind of the same chirds and licks on my 2003 Fender Relic 1969 Strat. What do you think?
  14. Mike J.

    PRS Silver Sky - RW + MN (with video)

    This thread is for the general discussion of the guitar PRS Silver Sky. Please add to the discussion here.
  15. Mike J.

    My PRS Silver Sky RW and MN - hear the difference?!?

    Hey folks, I got two PRS SS at the moment. Both are beautiful sounding and playing guitars. Still can't decide which one sounds better. The RW or the MN?!?! Here's a video with some of the sounds I really enjoy:
  16. Mike J.

    $1K for an Overdrive? The Landgraff Dynamic OD

    A friend of mine has paid a fortune to get this one - the Landgraff Dynamic Overdrive. It's definitely a cool pedal with lots of dynamics that are kind of hard to find in overdrives these days. Worth $500 - 1K? I don't know...but hey, it's a fine pedal. Here are some of the tones I really...
  17. Mike J.

    Morning Glory for the first time ;-)

    Okay, okay...just me playing the golden box by JHS. Perfect light overdrive - lovin‘ the tones, not knowing which version of the pedal it is...
  18. Mike J.

    How clever is your music room design?

    Hey guys, everyone knows that you can immerse yourself in equipment down to the last detail and think day and night about cool licks and playing techniques. However, if you take a look at most of the music rooms, the picture is very often bleak, if not unkind. Sure, there is a poster of your...
  19. Mike J.

    My first guitar...33 years later...

    Do you still have your first guitar? The one that started it all for you? I still have mine and it’s fantastic to see how I thought and felt about her on day 1 and what the difference is now...33 years later. How about you? Any thoughts or regrets or any thankfulness? here you can see and hear...
  20. Mike J.

    Recorded some Hendrix tunes

    Hey friends, Due to the fact that all our gigs were cancelled, we decided to record some Jimi tunes. Makes sense he, as my band Electric Voodooland is a Hendrix tribute. We recorded with a super simple setup in the rehearsal room. All songs were played live - no overdubs! Only the vocals have...

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