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  1. AXE

    Where Is Roman Rist?

    Any word on the old geez?
  2. AXE

    Sup Y'all?

    Just doing a drive by... No shots fired.
  3. AXE

    All this free time to practice guitar?

    I've been putting the finishing touches on this project.
  4. AXE


    File too large? Like my penis. Anyway.
  5. AXE

    Vroom Vroom!

  6. AXE

    I bought a Tele.

    That is all.
  7. AXE

    Thank You Dave.

    You know why. It's going in the "box" For those that don't know. AXE got married. Sorry boys. I'm spoken for. Philly. Lookin mighty good.
  8. AXE

    Heavy Guitars Sound Better?

    pffft! Fiction. The guitar forms a biofeedback loop with the string energy, plain and simple. You set the string in motion, it drives the body and neck (through all the pivot points) and then in turn they return energy back to the strings, influencing the ADSR envelope. Without outside...
  9. AXE

    I Would Like To Take A Moment.

    To Thank all those skanks that I didn't knock up! Happy Fathers Day!!!:thumb:
  10. AXE

    Hey Dave!!!

    Happy Birthday Brother! :applause:
  11. AXE

    Brett & Eddies strike again!

    It's not a Les Paul. So I won't post it here. It's Flamey. Big with F holes. I love it. And can NOT put it down.
  12. AXE

    Somethings Missing!?!?

  13. AXE

    For Those Missing River

    He's doing just fine
  14. AXE

    Lemmy Has Passed?

  15. AXE

    It's My Birthday.

  16. AXE

    5th Anniversary.

    5 years ago today and the flame is still burning.
  17. AXE

    Man Cave. Almost Finished.

    South wall. North next.
  18. AXE

    Rossington..Heart Attack? Confirm.Deny?

    True or hoax?
  19. AXE

    The View From My Office.

  20. AXE

    Looking For Dilemma.

    I'm in your hood. Working your jurisdiction. 445 Brother.

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