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  1. Rando375


    Ehhh...nope, I've got nothing...
  2. Rando375

    Massive Government Asset Seizure

    In all fairness to Steve, I shouldn't have gone there and was replacing the post when he quoted me. But the attitude comment was priceless!
  3. Rando375

    Massive Government Asset Seizure

    Are you kidding? The loudest on this forum is pointing fingers about attitudes?!
  4. Rando375

    Massive Government Asset Seizure

    Oh yeah, that's me alright. You got me, tinfoil and all
  5. Rando375

    Massive Government Asset Seizure

    Uh huh, purchase that and one of these while your at it
  6. Rando375

    Florida Man Again

    Well done Florida man, that's a 10
  7. Rando375

    R9 saga on The Gear Page.

    Links? :rofl:
  8. Rando375

    When Your Sex Life Just Goes Round and Round...

    The punishment seems a bit extreme for public pissing & f'ing in a time when looting, burning, general violence and abusive language are considered simple acts of protest :dunno:
  9. Rando375

    I really want to retire

    This is it, right here buddy. What I signed up for verse what emergency services is becoming (in today's social climate :shock:) ensures I will not be around any longer than I need to
  10. Rando375

    the canal blockage of 2021.

    This shouldn't be news to anyone considering how things work "over there" :laugh2:
  11. Rando375

    Gibson LP Std 50s vs. LP Classic

    Gibson "spec'd" 57's for that year for the Classic but it appears they ran out at some point Gibson '59 Tributes Matched Pickup Set 2017 Zebra | Mr. Haney's Truck of Deals | Reverb Gibson '59 Tributes Matched Pickup Set 2017 Zebra These do not come up for sale too often. More great sounding...
  12. Rando375

    the canal blockage of 2021.

    Very cool. My calling clearly wasn't driving ships, thats for sure LOL
  13. Rando375

    Gibson LP Std 50s vs. LP Classic

    Have you ever pulled the pu's in your Classic? In pm's regarding a listing on Reverb for Gibson 59 pickups, the seller stated they came out of a Classic T. He went as far to say that it wasn't uncommon for that model to have them instead of the 61's. From what I remember the only difference in...
  14. Rando375

    Lost Boys

    Well done Freddy, really well done. Of course, we all expect nothing less from you man ;)
  15. Rando375

    Greg Koch live streams!! Anyone watching?!?! Why not?

    I have the "Toby" cd. Its well played music, just not really my thing. IMO Greg's at his best in the Wildwood Guitars demo videos, especially the outake versions. He's freakin hilarious
  16. Rando375

    What do you think of my son's latest music video?

    That is awesome!
  17. Rando375

    Look for the Well Health Seal...

    Oh definitely gets the Judge Judy
  18. Rando375

    ATVs, dirtbikes on city streets

    Just South of the city it's not that bad (yet) but is getting worse. One of the dirt bikes rode the 4 lane highway recently. He also used a ballpeen hammer on a guy in a car so...:shock: They don't have ANY lighting and it's just a matter of time before one gets squashed by a cager at night...
  19. Rando375

    Liverwurst is the perfect food for man or beast!

    Anything liver...

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