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  1. LPBR

    Anvil pickups?

    Cool, I didn't see those links. Thanks!
  2. LPBR

    Anvil pickups?

    Hey gentleman, thanks for the inputs. I really didn't get too much of what you guys posted about the shape and such. As far as I could see they are regular pickups like the GFS and so many others. Also, I don't know what the videos has to do with the subject. OK, I confess that I didn't watch...
  3. LPBR

    Need help with song lyrics

    Hey all! I need the lyrics of three songs I am willing to record covers. I searched for them online but couldn't find and my untrained ears aren't good enough to catch it. Would someone help me with it? I really would appreciate it! Thanks! :yesway: Here it is the links for two of...
  4. LPBR

    The left hand or the right hand?

    For what: write, strum, cleanup @ss, jerkoff...? What?
  5. LPBR

    Anvil pickups?

    Well, OK -- so I suppose that no one knows about it or (more propably) it is pure crap. Better to keep away then! Thanks, guys! Message received! :thumb:
  6. LPBR

    Anvil pickups?

    Any one?
  7. LPBR

    Another Beautiful Day on eBay

    Oops... my bad, you were not asking for opinions or suggestions, just ranting. Sorry, sir! :facepalm:
  8. LPBR

    Anvil pickups?

    So, I clicked on the MLP banner for Rockaudio because I was curious about the Anvil pickups. They are cheap. Since I am a cheap guy it catch my attention. Now the question is: they are minimally decent?
  9. LPBR

    Another Beautiful Day on eBay

    I really doubt they are 'legally obligated', but even if they would who would sue someone else for not honour an eBay buy of a small bunch of bucks? The maximum that could happen would be eBay to apply a sanction to the user such as deduct some points of his score. I sincerely think that it...
  10. LPBR

    Thrift Shops

    Well $5 is the max I pay on a t-shirt, but I rarely buy used clothes. I remember to do it just once.
  11. LPBR

    Another Beautiful Day on eBay

    I don't think that the guys are necessarily @sses. You don't know nothing about them... maybe they were OK when they bidded on your stuff but then suddenly something happened and they were surprised with a non expected expense. It happens all the time. I think that the only thing you have to...
  12. LPBR

    $1,000 for beer... for the rest of your life

    I wouldn't but I think that for whose drink a lot it may be a good deal. :cheers: The problem is if the brewpub closes before your life expires so you will be without the beer and without the money. Is a risky bet.
  13. LPBR

    In a perfect world... maybe?

    Man, this is scary. If this can be figured out in 5 minutes of thought and a couple confirmation answers how can whole nations has wasted decades trying such a stupid formula? :shock:
  14. LPBR

    In a perfect world... maybe?

    Today I met a friend in a car service (replace batery) and he was hiring a worker to dig some holes in his yard and I heard when the guy told that his work day is $15. This is the regular cost of a such worker but then I stopped to think about for a while and see that I earn the same amount...
  15. LPBR

    Do you "YooHoo"?

    Normally I avoid to drink such industrialized shit. Otherwise, I would. But definitively would NOt yell 'yoohoo'. Seems to be too gay.
  16. LPBR

    Car culture - Guitar culture

    Oh, yeah, this one defintively rocks! :thumb:
  17. LPBR

    Best place to get a guitar autographed?

  18. LPBR

    Your high school yearbook pic - did it suck?

    I see this picture book stuff all the time in movies and think it is really funny. The reason is because here in Brasil we don't have this habit. :)

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