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  1. freak

    NFL 2021 Regular Season

    Say hello to 7 seeds.
  2. freak

    NFL 2021 Regular Season

    Eagles and Steelers were the 7 seeds, correct? Neither team had any business being in, and it showed on the field. If this is what the NFL wants, it will be a problem, more money or not.
  3. freak

    NFL 2021 Regular Season

    Winner of that game goes to the super bowl, imo. Too bad we can't get that as the afc Championship game.
  4. freak

    NFL 2021 Regular Season

    That cost them a superbowl. Worst play call ever. Handing off to Perry was just a massive snub to an icon.
  5. freak

    Sabotage Making of

    Nice video thanks for sharing. Love that album. Great to see some history behind it/them.
  6. freak

    2014 American Standard Stratocaster

    Had one in white. Loved it. Wish I never sold it. glws
  7. freak

    i can't believe i found it, the only known surviving pic of...

    1967 Mustang. Absolute dog. Money pit. Way to small of a back seat for an 18 year old in 1983. Graduated to a 74 Monte Carlo soon after. Midnight Blue, Landau top, and Cadillac front power seats......headers, side pipes. Loved that car. Bigger back seat also.
  8. freak

    There's still good people in the world

  9. freak

    Only In Alabama...

    I call shennanigans. ANY hampster from Alabama would most likely be toothless. biting.
  10. freak

    NFL 2021 Regular Season

    Redskins is catchy. It's available also.
  11. freak

    NFL 2021 Regular Season

    Chargers vs Raiders. Winner gets in. Go Bolts!
  12. freak

    GMP 12 String Electric Guitar

    Per forum rules you need to post a price. GLWS
  13. freak

    Damn fireworks...

    Last night at midnight, a neighbors house completely lit up, dance music came blaring from the outdoor speakers, and families from about 4 house came out to the street, danced, whooped it up, had a blast in the middle of the street. Lasted until about 12:45 when someone called the cops...
  14. freak

    Most " Stars " use plain old normal picks ..whats your take , please join in

    You would have used that instead?
  15. freak

    What are you getting for Boxing Day?

    If I must partake, a mouth piece. I like my teeth.
  16. freak

    NFL 2021 Regular Season

    No. They seem to have peaked early.
  17. freak

    NFL 2021 Regular Season

    Cardinals look lost so far. Should be dominating with the Colts o line issues.
  18. freak

    Well it's official

    I'll have cake. I'm a rebel like that.
  19. freak

    Well it's official

    Damn Cake eater

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