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    Klon Centaur/KTR clone

    I have a KTR and a Ceritone and prefer the KTR for low and mid gain settings. Its really a tremendous pedal and getting expensive. i paid 349.00 new a few years ago. The Ceritone Centaur is an amazing "always on clean boost". it really makes any amp sound better. that one cost me 339.00...
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    Gibson R8 vs Gibson LPC

    I have these 2 guitars. Very different instruments. The r8 sounds better,and is a bit more versatile. The controls on the r8 are far more useful ,as to the taper and sensitivity. the custom is on or off basically. there is some variable between 1 and 3 on the pots,but after that its pretty much...
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    What amps are you guys using!

    Fuchs overdrive supreme 50 watt. early seventies musicman 210/65,and a peavey classic 30
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    just got a fuchs ods

    all the clean headroom you would ever need. the overdrive channel has a real wide range. no matter how much gain you use,it still retains clarity,bloom and detail,like i never imagined.. I will get a picture up after christmass
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    just got a fuchs ods

    hello folks. I just got a fuchs ods 50 watt. It;s plugged into a single 12 inch celestion housed in a diezel cab. Man...this thing is a marvel! super touch responsive at any gain setting,and the clean side and reverb are unreal. I have always used old marshal and fender amps or boogie. This...
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    2001 custom. thinking of swapping pickups

    Hello folks. Im brand new here today. I just got 2 beautiful new lesters . The first to arrive was a 2001 black custom,all stock and in terrific condition. I thought it couldn't much better than this until a month later when i scored a 1958rivos tobacco burst. The 58 has so much more sting...

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