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    What's up with MLP?

    Posts being deleted, sudden 20 post at once? Deleted threads?
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    Trading stuff for a Tokai...

    Trading money ($250) and anything else I might have... Not much, if anything music wise... Ask if I have something and I'll see if I do.
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    Les Paul Studio

    Do any studios have a maple cap?
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    LP measurements?

    I am looking for all the exact measurements of a Gibson Les Paul. Any help appreciated.
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    What to buy?

    I plan on having around $1200 in my guitar fund soon. And I've been thinking, should I get the custom made guitar I've always sought after, or buy a used Marshall amp?
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    Which maple top?

    Which maple top do you guys think looks better? Curly, burl, flame, quilted, spalted, etc.
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    help with epiphone

    I was looking at the Epiphone Valve Senior amp head. Do you need the cab to actually play through it? Or could you just use the head?
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    String gauge

    I heard that using light gauge strings with a roller bridge might cause problems. Would it work just fine with 10s? Or would I need to go heavier?
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    How much tonal differecnce is there with a neck thru?

    I know there is supposed to be more sustain, and tone. But is it even that big of a difference? Is it worth an extra $50?
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    Epi Sg elitist

    I was in my local pawn show and I think I saw an Epi Elitist. Do the Elitists have the round top headstocks?
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    my dream guitar

    This is what I'm thinking about getting from NSCS. Any thoughts? Neck thru les paul style guitar. Mahogany body, 3/4" quilted top, burnt cherry burst. Cream binding on front and back, neck and headstock, over the frets. carved top. chunky neck. mahogany neck. Ebony fingerboard. diamond inlays...
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    Old wood

    I was thinking about ordering a Nova Scotia Custom Shop Les Paul, and was wondering is Old Growth Wood is really worth the extra cash. Is it?
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    WTB gutted les paul

    Looking for a completely gutted Les Paul or Les Paul style guitar. Set neck. Prefer Epi or some other well known brand. I.E. Agile.
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    Plasitics kit

    Hmm I was thinking about putting one of these on my Agile. Do you think it looks to gaudy? Les Paul Kit
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    Pink Elitist?

    Look at this Elitist... that second pic makes me turn away from it right away. that's nasty. Epiphone Elitist jay jay french PINK! LES PAUL Gibson - eBay (item 180448666292 end time Dec-28-09 23:18:00 PST)
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    Jimmy Page wiring harness, any good?

    Do you think this wiring harness is any good? Jimmy Page wiring harness - THIS DOES EVERYTHING!! - eBay (item 390069357602 end time Jan-11-10 05:34:19 PST)
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    Epiphone Les Paul Tribute vs Agile Al-3000m neck thru model

    Which one is better?
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    Are they any good?
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    Agile AL-300m Thru

    Does anybody have any thoughts on this neck through model? Agile AL-3000M Thru CSBF Wide at
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    Where can I find a MIJ Les Paul style guitar in the U.S. for around $1000? i checked Rinkya and I have trouble buying from their.

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