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    Laminated MDF for templates

    My workflow for template making so far has settled on using carbon paper to copy plans onto a plywood master, then make copies of the master template onto 13mm MDF for routing. If the copies get damaged or worn I can just make new ones from the master. I have a small quantity of white covered...
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    New Pillar Drill (drill press) - losing my mind

    After getting noticing my cheap bench top drill press is not what it used to be, I've started looking at options for a decent pillar drill. My old machine was bottom of the range Chinese made for £50 in 2007, but actually hasn't been that bad. I've given it some abuse and early on even managed...
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    Truss rod steel

    What steel was used for single action truss rods in 50s Gibson and Fender guitars? I'm planning on making some up but the terminology differs across the pond and I'm a bit confused. I think I should be looking for EN1A (low carbon mild steel)? Just keen to get something that functions well.
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    Folded plans

    What do you guys do to get plans flat when you've received them folded in the post? The common methods I can see for removing creases in paper are ironing (cloth in between), steam (leave it in bathroom whilst showering!) or using weights and tension. My main worry would be stretching the...
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    Neck Reinforcement (12 string electric)

    For my doubleneck strat build I've got some nice straight grained Mahogany for each neck, and a bound Cocobolo fretboard on each neck. Each neck will have a single action truss rod with maple filler as I'm not really keen on the effect the dual action rods have on the sound and feel of a guitar...
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    Source for block inlays

    It's been 13 years since I've done anything with building guitars and I'm embarrassed to say I have many unfinished projects. In fact the only thing I ever finished was a partscaster strat! This year I want to finish off two projects at least, one being my first LP build and the other my...

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